Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

To MY mom!
and to all my friends who are a mother!! Have a FABULOUS day and I hope you will be spoiled by your children and husband!!

I for sure got spoiled and the day is still young.

First I got this HUGE bouquet of indigenous flowers from my hubby, which I totally adore!! (the flowers AND the hubby :-)

And I got a handmade mosaic star from JJ, some completely handmade soaps from Jezz (without my help or knowledge!) and a beautiful decorated card. How lucky I am with such a FAB family!!

And then we are going for a Mother's Day brunch at the Hyatt Regency here in Joburg, so I am looking forward to that!

So I better get showered and dressed for my scrumptious brunch!!

The seafood was absolutely out of this world, so good! Especially JJ loves King Crab, Oysters and shrimp, she was in heaven!

The deserts were also superb, and free flowing champagne made the day just a bit more rosey!

Here me with my beautiful girls on my 9th Mother's Day.

Have a wonderful day all out there FABULOUS MOMMIES!!
Mireille xx

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