Friday, April 1, 2011

A cow in the street & flower garlands...

You walk around in this busy, hot and steamy city like Mumbai with over 17 million people... it is a hustling and bustling big 'town'... I can tell you that!!

And then suddenly you almost bump into... A COW! Yes, they are EVERYWHERE in the middle of the city!! Just standing there, like this is normal. Well... I guess it IS normal here in India! I mean I have seen it before on TV but when you see it in real life, in the middle of the CITY that was worth taking a picture, and I took many pictures of many cows IN THE CITY! Instead of Sex in the City they could call it Cow in the City!! LOL... patent pending... so don't steal my idea!! haha

I mean I have seen some weird animal situations, like HERE where we had zebras at the pool, but a cow in the city is as BIZARRE I think. This poor animal.. that is HOLY for the Indian population and then they have it standing there on the hard street in between the sides of a car and the zooming traffic racing by honking like mad, because that is what they DO! It's HONKING CITY! Instead of grazing on a green meadow this poor HOLY animal has a not such a holy life! But I guess if your owner has to make a living with his business making garlands or selling food on the side of the street you have to accompany him. The poor thing..

Talking about garlands... Since it was the Holi festival the first day I was in Mumbai, they were everywhere, beautiful and bright garlands, made by this handy men or women.... in a snap they are done, fresh flowers just good for 1 day. I wonder what kind of business they have when there is no need for a garland?? Or is there every day a need for a garland, like in Thailand? They hang them in cars to protect you from having an accident... I guess the law of attractions works in mysterious ways! :-)
(That's the book I just read for the book club: The Secret, about the law of attraction, so this popped up in my head).

From the look on his face I even think this man is blind, he is not looking at what he is doing... WOW!

Maybe there is a need for everyday, like if a business opens or has something to celebrate....

Or if there is a street festival? Or for temple prayers... THAT is why they need them everyday! So quite a good business... a flower garland maker :-)

I love garlands but NOT cows in the street!!
What about you?

Have a Fabulous Friday, it's April's Fools day, are you planning to trick somebody?? I told the girls to go into each other's class and pretend they were their sister... but they don't dare! haha.. these girls of mine are not such a dare devils as their mother. I always tricked my teachers!! I was such a rowdy, wild and uncontrollable kid and my daughters are just the opposite. A bit meek, shy, quite... oh well, at least they don't get as much in trouble as I did! LOL

Mireille xx


Gerda said...

So great to see India through your eyes! I had the same issues with the cows when we moved to India. Now I put all fresh food left overs in fridge and feed the cows plastic free food about twice a week. When they see me and my blue bucket, they come to me like pets (GREAT). Read the book Holy Cow - quite interesting. Garlands are used on a daily basis, so that is a continual business. When we leave our apartment early in the morning, they even deliver it at households living in the apartments! If you have time, contact me whilst in Delhi, I would love to show you around (if you need assistance look like you were born here)!

Gerda said...
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Mireille said...

@Gerda, sorry I had no time in Delhi, only was there 2 days and I forgot to bring your contact details.... I am back already.... Just behind with blogging :-)

Mireille said...

@Gerda, yes I bought that book in the airport, looking forward reading that! How fun that you mention it as well!!

Maci Miller said...

Haha, mother nature gave us an April snowed first thing that morning! Crazy! So ready for spring!!!

Great to see all the pics and learn different things. Flower garlands are beautiful. Got a point there with the cows...if they are sacred, why not let them graze in green(er) pastures. Interesting...

How do you like The Secret? I like it. Reading the Power now but off and on. Kinda common sense really to me, but I can always use a good reminder. :-)

Mireille said...

I did not like the secret, I mean the idea of thinking positive I like and the law of attraction. But to write a book and make a movie about this a bit over the top and a huge commercial scam it is!! The way they did it is very clever but what more does it say then this 1 sentence, nothing!!


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