Monday, April 18, 2011

Upside down seasons...

It's funny how the seasons throw you off... My whole life I lived in the Northern Hemisphere and around Easter spring has arrived. When I think about spring and most of you do the same, you think about crocuses, daffodils, tulips and the hyacinth to name a few.

I love it when everything is still grey, dark and there are no leafs on the trees yet, but then suddenly these beautiful fresh colors pop up from nowhere!!

New life is starting, that I associate with spring and EASTER! Little lambs hopping in the fresh green meadows, daffodils everywhere. But this is NOT happening here in South Africa or Australia for that matter...

NO, we are in the middle of FALL or AUTUMN, the leafs are falling, it is getting chilly, the weather turns grey, dark, raining... while your world is emerging with new life we are going down under with dark afternoons, and EASTER is fallen leafs....

But now living in the Southern Hemisphere... It is WEIRD, I can't get used to it!! Even though I live here now for 3 years, I still think of Easter of new life, but now I need to think about mushrooms, stews, soups, long socks, thicker sweaters, boots, jackets, fire place... it's like living in an upside down world!

Next weekend we will have our Easter break and we are going with another family, friends of us, to the Bush. A game farm in Limpopo, but I am thinking we need warm clothes, make sure we are able to make huge campfires, bring boots instead of the usual flip flops! It still will be fun, just a bit cooler!! And I am sure the Easter bunny will still hide a few eggs here and there, so the kids will be excited!! This time I will try to make the Easter bread on a campfire... let's see how that works out!

So what do you associate with Easter? The same things I used to do? Or are you also from the southern hemisphere, I like to know, because it is still a bit new to me these upside down seasons!

Have a smashing day!!

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Wendy said...

Great photos you chose to represent the seasons! Another safari, too. I am jealous. We will get there one of these days!

We will be hunting for Easter eggs at home and at grandma's.


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