Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Humayun's Tomb ~ UNESCO world heritage

We went to another gorgeous site here in Delhi... I mean there is no ending to beautiful monuments here in this city! After being so giddy in the Lover's... uhh Lodi gardens the girls are now totally cheeky, making jokes and funny faces the whole time. They are probably soo bored with seeing these sites that mommy really wants to see and photograph that they kind of found something else to keep themselves occupied... Oh well, it is fine with me as long as they are still happy! LOL

(this picture is not mine, the rest are)

Humayun's tomb is known as the first example of the monumental scale that would characterize subsequent Mughal imperial architecture. Commissioned, it is believed, by Humayun's senior widow, Haji Begam, or by her son Akbar, the tomb is the first to mark the grave of a Mughal emperor; Humayun's father Babur, who founded the dynasty, had requested out of piety that he be buried in a garden. Humayun's Tomb is now one of the best-preserved Mughal monuments in Delhi.

If you think it looks a bit like the Taj Mahal in Agra, that's because it was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal's creation. The tomb was built in 1570, and houses the body of the second Mughal emperor, Humayun. The tomb is part of a greater complex that's set amongst beautiful gardens. Which you have to walk through before you see this magnificent tomb!

JJ and Jezz are totally in the mood to goof around, so I am snapping around to get some funny shots of them :-)
(BTW Wendy; The outfits are from Naartjie)

To make this picture less static I asked them to jump up and down, it brings more vibe to an otherwise such a formal picture.. they had no problem with that :-)

Inside the tomb now and everybody was kind of whispering and quite, since there are a few dead bodies laying there... the girls totally couldn't hold themselves together, but in a whisper tone they were making funny faces and joking around... these kids crack me up!

The gardens around the tomb were so beautiful, it was such a great monument!!

The grave of Emperor Humayun is located in the central mortuary room of the tomb. Apart from this, a number of other Mughal luminaries, such as Hamida Begum (Akbar's mother), Dara Shikoh (Shah Jahan's son) and Bahadur Shah II (last Mughal Emperor), were also buried herein.

I love how the light falls through the lace stonework..

Some local tourist enjoying the site as well... always so dressed up in those great colors!

And a last look back before we get out... and the girls can't stop being cheeky and jumping of joy... to leave this place haha!

I tried to be at each monument each day around sunset since the lighting is the best to take pictures, and indeed it did not disappoint me, the light in India is just amazing so soft and glowing, just Incredible!!

Try to do the same if you go to Delhi, hit the tombs, forts and minars in the afternoon. It will be a huge difference having the sun coming from an angle and have this golden light shine upon the sites instead of the 12'oclock bright and harsh lighting... the effect will be so different and not so magical!

Go and visit India you will not be disappointed!! And if you have been what was your favorite place of all?
Mireille xx

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Robin and Kyle said...

Beautiful pictures as always, Mireille. This light is gorgeous - love the pictures of the girls jumping. =)


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