Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just another girl...

2 posts today although I had this planned for Thursday but since it is International Day for Street Children today, I will get this out now... Raise your Voices for Street Children. See this link here as well. Help spread the word so that governments need to listen. Post it on your FB page or on your blog!

This hit home for me, because just on my trip to India I came across many street children, see my story below..

While we were done looking at the Humayun' tomb and going back home we were stuck in a traffic jam and this girl came so close to my window looking with these huge eyes at me and then she started to do tricks... in between all these cars, hardly any space but she did a cartwheel, and bending her body through this iron ring... like a snake girl. She was very bendy and JJ and Jezz were amazed with her flexibility.... suddenly they were NOT interested in their Nintendo DS but watching this girl doing tricks for money... I wonder how long it will take before the tricks and bending her body will change in some other body bending... :-(

She must have been only a year or 2 older than JJ and Jezz, and my heart felt heavy for her... so I opened my window and gave her some rupees. Immediately her brother or another little boy came to my window and also wanted to do some tricks for me... but then the car started moving again... and we lost sight.

Unfortunately there are too many of these street kids around in India... in the world for that matter!
I wish I could help them all!

Just another girl, but those eyes keep me haunting! sigh...
Help, do something to spread the word! Let's be LOUDER TOGETHER!!

Have a happy day,
Mireille xx

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