Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend in the Bush

While you are reading this we are on our way to the African Bush. Going for a camp out and celebrating Easter weekend in the Waterberg Bushveld in Limpopo. We will be staying at Leopard Leap Lodge, owned by a Dutch couple Maya & Jan, who moved to South Africa in 2007 to run this 787 hectares gamefarm. The farm is a refuge for Giraffe, Zebra, Eland Antilope, Kudu, Nyala, Impala, Oryx, Leopard, Serval, Caracal, Brown Hyena, Jackal, Porcupine, Pangolin and many other smaller species. There is also abundant birdlife on the farm. So hopefully we will run into some of these :-)


Together with another family, friends of us with 4 children, we will be doing some Easter crafts from Bush findings, baking Easter bread on the Braai instead of in the oven. And looking for Easter eggs while running into some (not so) wild animals. Sounds fun to me!!

Planning to cook our meals under the stars and listening to the lions roar in the background, hopefully not too close by!! Haha.. there are no lions here, but maybe we hear some other animals sneaking through the bushes while we are sitting around our campfire and grilling our Beer Butt Chickens. Have you ever had these before? They are the most succulent and moist roasted chickens you will ever taste!! And if you don't like to use the beer, just empty the can and add apple juice instead. Although you don't really taste the beer, it just makes the chicken moist. You have to try it, you can buy these racks to put the chickens on top and then put the whole rack on the BBQ and 1,5 hour later voilà a perfect roasted chicken!!

Just being outside and having a hike on the game farm, being in nature and enjoying the beauty of Africa, relaxing by the campfire and reading a book and just doing nothing if you don't want to do anything.

Hanging out with friends, while having some vino or the African Amarula drink... I think; life will be good this weekend!!

Have a GREAT EASTER WEEKEND everybody!!
I sincerely hope you will have as much fun as we have... ;-)

Love, M xx

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Wendy said...

We're going to see the movie African Cats today. That's about as close as we're going to get to the real things! Enjoy your safari!


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