Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shoe fetish anyone?

If you don't know what to do with your old shoes... take a closer look, maybe an idea for your garden?? I've seen this at the 12 Decades Art Hotel in downtown Joburg.

The Art hotel is part of Main Street Life, which has seen the transformation of a 1970s industrial building into a mixed use complex offering live/ work studios, retail shops, a rooftop events venue and an Art Hotel. The development is designed to inspire creativity and innovation. It's a very cool area with shopping, eating, art & exhibitions. Very artsy fartsy!

Here we are at the rooftop with incredible views of the skyline of Joburg, but also and this my hubby will love... a bar and a place to hang-out and listen to music. So next time Dirk you have to come with us!

Besides the rooftop there is an Indie market inside the building and a tea/coffee garden with restaurant. Home made jellies, chili paste, cookies, chutneys, breads, all kind of things for sale. All organic and home made... YUM YUM!

Inside an art gallery and photo exhibition, that changes all the time. And an art shop with cool books for sale.

A really great and fun way to spend a Sunday morning!! At least I had fun, while Dirk was hanging out on the driving range with the girls... also fun, but I am sure next time when he comes he will enjoy this as well. Because the street food they sell and normally is from the Durban region and you won't see here much is a.... BUNNY CHOW. A hollowed out piece of bread with a chicken curry stuffing. See what you missed Dirk, when shall we go again! LOL

What I really liked was the Ethiopian Coffee that this lovely girl served us in these cute cups under the beautiful olive trees. It was strong but smooth... so delish!!

If you like to go it is at the Corner of Main, Maritzburg and Fox Streets ~ and called The Maboneng Precinct Johannesburg city.

Have a great day!
Mireille xx


Bing said...

They used such nice new shoes for the plants! But then, if they had used old shoes, maybe the smelly old shoes would have killed the plants. Haha!

Leah and Maya said...

well when the plants grow i'm sure they will look better, I was thinking soem fancy heels or something. Happy Birthday to your mom.
YOu know the whole food thing is lost on me, so glad you enjoy it.

Robin and Kyle said...

That looks like so much fun. I LOVE the coffee pot she's pouring from. Awesome.


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