Sunday, April 10, 2011

~ Red Fort - लाल क़िला ~

From Chandni Chowk to Delhi's most famous monument, the Red Fort, stands as a powerful reminder of the Mughal emperors who ruled India. It walls, which stretch for over 2 kilometers/1.2 miles (which we had to walk to get in!!) were built in 1638 to keep out invaders. However, they failed to stop the fort being captured by the Sikhs and the British.

The fort that served as the residence of the Imperial Family of India. At one point in time, more than 3,000 people lived within the premises of the Delhi Fort complex. I told JJ and Jezz, that little princesses walked these gardens, which were so beautiful! They could imagine themselves living here :-) Well, maybe one day when we win the lottery we can buy a place like this.... for sure!! LOL

We had to walk all around the long wall, which was quite the distance, but it gives you a nice feeling of how huge this whole complex is!

It was like a whole city inside, with it's palace, own mosque, living quarters for other family members, staff. Amazing really!

Huge and beautiful gardens..

It's really red isn't it? Especially because we were there around sun set and the red stone was so bright, it was just gorgeous! But there is also a light show at night, starting at 7:30/8pm, although we didn't go because it was our first day in Delhi and after that flight a bit too exhausting for the girls. Too bad because I heard good things about that light show, oh well... maybe next time!

Have a terrific day!
Mireille xx

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Flyss said...

Wow what a stunning monument, these posts are making me really want to go to India. Your girls look so grown up in these photos! x


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