Monday, April 11, 2011

Temples, markets, gardens and lovers...

And a colorful cow thrown in for fun as well...

All this we saw on the first day when we arrived in Delhi, amazing how much beautiful sites it has in such a close range! You can see from the girls clothes that we are still on the same day...

Normally if you don't have a private driver you could never see all this in one day, we were lucky that Charu had 'given away' her driver to us for these 3 days. We were so lucky!!

We saw this magnificent temple. The Bahai Temple is commonly referred to as the Lotus Temple, as it's shaped like a lotus flower. Made out of white marble, the temple belongs to the Bahai Faith, which proclaims the unity of all people and religions. When we arrived there was just a session starting so we sat into the temple and listened to the speakers and singers, it was so serene!! Even the girls were impressed :-)

When we walked towards the temple this big group of older ladies wanted to take a picture with us, so we did. Jasmine was being pinched in her cheeks and everybody told me how lovely the girls looked... so cute and colorful these ladies were!

Next stop was Dilli Haat. This huge Delhi market has been deliberately made to feel like a traditional weekly village market, called a haat. Small thatched roof cottages with a village atmosphere give it great ambiance. The market offers and exciting blend of handicrafts from all over India, food, and cultural and music performances. Although we didn't see any of the performances, we arrived just as the market opened. So some vendors were still unpacking their stuff and everybody was inviting us to their store, because it is good luck to sell the first item as soon as possible, that means the day will be good for them!

We bought some bangles and 2 of these floor cushions like you see below, the round ones with all the hand stitched mirrors and funky bright colors for the girls room. I wanted to shop more, but the girls were NOT in a mood at all....

We stopped by the Lodi Gardens or as the girls call it: Lovers Gardens, because under every tree and behind every corner we saw a couple in love, kissing, holding hands... it made the girls completely giggling and giddy the whole time :-0

I can see why everybody comes here, because the gardens provides such a serene retreat from the city life, and is a place to come if you are feeling tired and worn out. The vast gardens were built by the British in 1936 around the tombs of 15th and 16th century rulers.

Not only young couples but also joggers and joga practitioners enjoy this park... and of course tourists like us! And it was so breathtaking beautiful, the light was perfect for picture taking, so I truly enjoyed wandering around these gardens!

Mohammed Shah's Tomb.

The girls goofing around, makes great pictures :-)

Bara Gumbad tomb and mosque.

Sheesh Gumbad.

The girls were a bit giddy after seeing so much sites in a day... and were goofing around all the time! At least they had fun!

More to come from Delhi! Such a scenic city!!
Ciao, Mireille xx


Bing said...

I love the shots of the girls laughing. They are so beautiful!

Emm said...

Such a stunning post! I love your photographs and especially like the Lodi Gardens.

Wendy said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous photos! All of them. And where did you get those outfits the girls are wearing? LOVE THEM!

Mireille said...

The only shop here in SA where I can buy decent clothes.... and that is Naartjie, you have it also in the USA. I know Danbury mall has it.

Mireille said...

The only shop here in SA where I can buy decent clothes.... and that is Naartjie, you have it also in the USA. I know Danbury mall has it.


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