Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tranquility & Peace in this tumultuous time!

This picture gives me peace & tranquility in this tumultuous time.. I love the colors and I am thinking of using these in my new house... that I will be finding hopefully pretty soon!!

Just heard that I need to move house before July 1st, because landlord wants it for himself... I don't mind too much, although timing is not on my side! Since we are going on vacation for Easter and then just a few weeks later again on June 8th to Holland and the USA for a total of 8 weeks. School is ending June 2nd, so that gives me time to move house probably 8 days or so... because I want a new house BEFORE I leave for the summer break. Just a merely 2 months, to choose a house, pack the stuff and go to the new location here somewhere in the neighborhood...

Thinking of my 600+ boxes I had when we arrived here, we had a 40ft hightop container PLUS a 20 ft container... this is what we have to move one of these days this month or next month AFTER I do the grueling search for a new house.

The girls are concerned that the bunnies can't move with us to the new house, because it won't be so fenced in as this house.. we will see. Maybe a new Nintendo DS game we need to invest in in order to keep them happy... LOL

Please help me god to stay calm and collected!!

Oh well, I can ADD one more time to my list of already moving 27 times in my life... so I know how to pack a few things :-)

If you like to see what we are leaving behind... click HERE. Such a nice place, I will miss it!!

Soon I will update you on the new place, but those pictures will not be done till after the summer break... After the house hunting in the morning with the whole family we had to get home to prepare a dinner party for 11 adults and 6 kids... life still goes on like normal ;-)

Wish me luck!
Mireille xx

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