Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funky Doodle ShweShwe goodies!

So I felt I needed to tell and show you more about ShweShwe fabric and all the cute things they make already from this georgous fabric. I told you about the background etc.. Now I show you the magic that happens with it!!

Shweshwe poppies are drawn by children in Soweto, and sown by they're mothers and grandmothers as part of raising money for the African Children`s Feeding Scheme. The dolls are named after their creator and they come with a picture of that child. Isn't that cute, adorable or what? Here is the link where you could buy them, although it is in Afrikaans, you can still see the images.

These cute little birds are made by Wendren a surface designer by paper (aka textile designer or graphic artist) from Cape Town, South Africa. She has an Etsy shop where you can buy these cute birds, but also other goodies. Check her out here.

And here you can see shweshwe couture as you can find on the catwalk during the SA fashion show. Georgous ins't it? There is a site called Makotis who sells these custom design African traditional wear with a twist.

And below a mosaic from all the goodies that I found online when I was searching shweshwe at images. Look at and for more inspiration!

Have a shweshwe day ;-)


Jen and Jeff said...

The ShweShwe poppies are so cute! Love the beautiful dresses, too. Some lovely finds!

Quail said...

Thanks for featuring one of Quail's dresses above! We're a fashion label based in England and are the first and only label to be using genuine South African shweshwe in our shirts and dresses. It's such a cool fabric!

Lebo said...

Actually, the ShweShwe is named after the founding father of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Moshoeshoe. ShweShwe is the South African Sotho spelling of the original Sesotho name of the fabric, Seshoeshoe. It has nothing to do with Xhosa anything. Those are really cute pics by the way


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