Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween today, and the girls have a party, parade and trick 'r treating at school. Tonight we'll have trick 'r treating in our estate. And street Braai's (BBQ). So when the kids go around the block collecting the candy the parents are in front of their house having a BBQ, a braai as they call it in SA, and of course sipping some delicious pinotage ;-) Not bad, since it is spring here, the weather is just gorgeous! We don't need layers of clothes under the costumes for once, what a nice change! As I told you before the girls are dressed up as vampires today, but first let me show you an overview of the girls costumes over the years:
2002, this was not really at Halloween, but it is their first dress up. We were still living in Thailand and this picture we used for our adoption announcement.

2003, Their first real Halloween. The girls had no clue yet why they had to dress up. It was georgous weather and we had these beautiful pots of mums on the deck. Fall is such a nice season, especially in the North East!

2004, JJ a dragon and Jezz an unicorn. They really start understanding the concept of Halloween by now, and they think it is really fun!

2005, Jezz as a chicken and JJ as a pumpkin. Jezz gives JJ a 'chicken kiss'

2005, since we have more than 1 party to go to, they also wanted a princess outfit!

2006, by now they are 'pros' at the dress-up department and 1 outfit is for sure not enough! Here in traditional Thai Akha style, but it wasn't princess'ish enough so we also had to buy these brides outfits. Since the Xmas tree shop has really cheap outfits, I didn't mind that much...and they look so adorable!

2007, JJ as a witch, Jezz as wonder woman, but same deal as the last years. They used some older outfits this time to go to different parties, one as a bride (JJ) and groom (Jezz)and the other one as 2 witches. They even made this whole witch brew that I had to drink!

And this year, they are both vampires. This picture is taken at school today, they didn't wear their wigs with really long hair. And for once we only have 1 costume, since here in SA we don't have the abundance of choices we used to have in the USA. But they are fine with it, and happy to be a vampire....aarghh!

Jezz on the left, JJ on the right, first time (besides the Thai costumes) that they wanted the same)2008, trying to look really scary! They look so big already, only 6 but in this picture they seem so much older!

Enjoy your Halloween, trick 'r treating, BBQ's or Braais or other Halloween gatherings you are invited to tonight! Don't make it too scary ;-)



Jen and Jeff said...

OMG they are just the cutest girls ever! Love all those darling costumes! Where did you get the tradition Thai costumes. Love them! Need one for Ruby! Did you buy it in Thailand? Where?

Mireille said...

Jenn: Thai outfits you can buy at marktets in Bangkok, I bought this one in Chiangmai. They also sell flowers, food etc.. or in small traditional clothing shops especially for festivals. Ask around when you are in Thailand. Not hard to find!

rosemary said...

The girl's pictures are adorable! It's so cute to see how they've changed through the years. I think my favorite was the unicorn and dragon pic.


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