Friday, October 17, 2008

Johannesburg Zoo

Dirk had to work on Monday, but the girls still had a day off from school. So I went with another mom, Donna and her daugther Heidi and another friend of Jasmine, Zhara to the Joburg Zoo. It was again a nice and sunny day, but that is the norm here ;-) The 4 girls were a bit giddy and silly together. Calling out the names of the animals when they discovered one or 2 sitting in their shaded area. Grosing out on the snakes, and especially about the little chicks the snakes had for dinner, it was so poor for these little chickens.. but hey that is the life in the wild. Survival of the fittest!
the huge gorilla was a big hit!
And the flamingos were so beautiful.

So after a while wondering around seeing all the animals, the girls wanted an ice cream. So we stopped at this little booth and enjoyed a cool treat. Suddenly this group of children with 2 teachers approached the ice cream booth and Donna and me were looking at each other: are they buying ice cream for ALL these kids? No, they didn't they just bought themselves an ice cream and let the poor little children sit there and watch them eat it! We were both disgusted with this scenery, so I went up to the teacher and asked her if we had her permission to buy these kids an ice cream. Sure she said, and so we did. We bought 64 ice cream for this group of cute little 4 years old, and they had the time of their life! And so did we!!

Afterwards the teachers gave us a big hug and thank you for our good deed. And I thought by myself: Maybe they didn't have the money to buy all these kids an ice cream, but then at least DON'T buy yourself an ice cream as well. But hey, the kids didn't seem to mind, they were so sweet and well behaved!! I could have adopted them all ;-)I am not sure Dirk would liked that idea ;-)

So our long weekend is over, back to school again for the girls and back for me in my normal routine. I am getting quite good at going to the gym these days. 3 times Curves a week and 2 times Bikram Yoga, my body has to show results pretty soon, so far it is minimal, but I am feeling so much better!!

Have a good week y'all!


rosemary said...

I love it that you bought those adorable kiddies ice cream! Good for you.

Emm said...

That is so generous that you bought everyone ice creams! It does look lovely and warm there. Have the rains statrted yet?


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