Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween outfits

So there are tons of outfits out there on internet and for sale, especially in the USA. However, here in SA the choices are limited....And since the mail system isn't that great, I rather not order online ;-( Here I found some wacky, cute, scary and sexy outfits for you to get inspiration for this year or maybe the next.
How cute is this?

Or look at these 2 adorable outfits, I am not sure the kids like it as well?

And here some cute outfits for your pets:
Pug in Pig hilarious!

And here some cute and sexy outfits for the big girls, Rosie O'Donnell and Martha Stewart and a wacko jacko mask!

How scary is this?
Enjoy the anticipation of Halloween, the big day is tomorrow!! Are u ready?


Jen and Jeff said...

eeew! That Jacko one is scary!!

Mireille said...

I am not even sure this is a mask? Looks like a photoshopped Michael.


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