Friday, October 17, 2008

TIA ~ This is Africa

You probably wonder, why I haven't blogged for a whole week?! Well, my internet connection wasn't working...the reason? The Telkom bills are quite confusing, so we didn't pay the right amount on the bill, and they just shut us down! We tried everything the first couple days, because we didn't even think about this option, and since my hubby was also traveling and I just couldn't figure it took us a whole week before the internet connection was up and running again. After several phone calls, frustration gallore, we are back up and running. And that about just $16 that weren't paid, we even had to pay a fine again to get us reconnected..........aaaarrrggghhh!!
This is a well know expression here in this country, and it goes for everything you don't understand. Why didn't they just call us and said: you didn't pay the full amount, if you don't pay within xxx days, your line will get shut down....NO, they immediately shut you down, without warning or phone call. Nice these Telkom people ;-(

But I am back and I will do a couple of postings in a few don't worry you will get your update on everything that has happened in the Dijkstra household ;-)

Re a leboga! Thank you for your patience my friends
Ciao, Mireille

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