Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Twins of the week

I was googling Juliet's and Jasmine's nicknames: JJ and Jezz, thinking that my blog would show up on the first page. To my surprise this came up:

JJ and Jezz, meet the multiples, Mother's Day photo gallery
and another one;
JJ and Jezz, twins of the week, with mom Mirielle (of course all the time my name is written wrong!) so I clicked on it and this picture came up.
Underneath it says that they had my permission....well, I don't know anything about that! I remember that I had sent some pictures years ago to a twin site, but I never sent any pictures to about.com

Weird to know that these articles were floating on the internet without me knowing. I just discovered that this week!

The girls are more 'famous' then they know. They already have been printed in an adoption magazine, a few times in the local Ridgefield Press and soon they will be featured into a Scholastic craft book that is coming out next month or so. The girls used to model in New York City before we moved to South Africa, and this was their last gig, fun to do and especially because they LOVED the Big Apple, so fascinating to see all these big buildings, lot's of people and millions of taxis zooming by. We always had a fun time going there. When the Scholastic book comes out I will let you know!

ps: everybody thought they were boys when they were little, this was in their first jeans, almost 10 months old ;-)

Have a wonderful day,


Emm said...

I hope I never spell your name wrong! If I do, blame it on my typing not my manners!

You look so relaxed and happy in that photo - i imagine it is not often I will see you on that side of the lens.

I did not know you were in New York. How exciting for you.

Jen and Jeff said...

So cute all look in that photo...and happy!


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