Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today I went to the Bryanston Organic Market here in Joburg with a friend. The Bryanston Organic Market is a natural outdoor market. When you visit the market, you will enter an environment where the emphasis is on quality hand crafted goods, unique art and photography, clothing made from natural fibres, a deli filled with rich, wholesome foods and, of course, fresh organic produce.

You will find a welcoming smile and friendly ambience in their eateries – the Photosynthesis Tea Garden, Bettina’s Coffee Shop and the Pizza Place. You can relax and listen to live music while eating delicious, freshly prepared cakes and muffins, light meals, Ethiopian or Italian coffee and herb teas.

First we enjoyed a red cappuchino, that is so good, you have to try it once if it is available in your region. It is a rooibos tea, made like a cappuccino with frotted steamed milk, honey and cinnamon on top... YUMMY! And with that we had a spinach quiche and a salad. Everything is organic and tasted so healthy and fresh!

After that we spend some time browsing all the stalls with the handmade jewelry, paintings, little was really cozy, nice and relaxed. I wasn't in a buying mood, which is unusual for me but there were a few things I really liked, so maybe next time!

So things you can buy there are:
African Ndebele dolls, beaded wire art, African masks, ostrich egg shell jewelry and so much more little gifts. And everything is handmade and most of the time the artist also sells their own stuff. So neat to see who stands behind that piece of art.

They are all very compassionate about their art. Nice to see! And you know when you buy the local stuff it goes directly back to the community, which I always like to support!

Another day went relaxing and joyfull ;-)


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