Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanksgiving on the Dolphin Coast

For the long weekend at Thanksgiving the children have off from school and we just booked a magnificent villa directly on the beach close to Durban.
Just north of Salt Rock and virtually ten minutes from Ballito, is the beautiful beach of Sheffield with its sheltered coves and wonderful rock pools that invite little people to spend hours collecting shells and admiring sea anemones. I am sure JJ and Jezz will love this fact ;-)

Renowned as one of the better fishing and diving spots on the Dolphin Coast, snorkelling here is a way of life, and if you want to know where to fish, just follow the local fishermen who head out here on a daily basis to partake of nature’s bounty.

There are certain spots on the beach that afford the most spectacular views of the coastline and, in similar fashion to Salt Rock and Blythedale, Sheffield is increasingly being regarded as yet another suburb of Durban, as property in Umhlanga becomes a little thin on the ground. But as yet, the coast is unspoilt and there are regular sightings of dolphins and whales in season.

Not every year that we can lay at the beach while celebrating Thanksgiving! Not a bad life style here in South Africa. We'll keep you updated on our stay ;-)

Have a good day!


Emm said...

It looks great - when is Thanksgiving?

Mireille said...

Emm: Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Emm said...

I never knew it was the same day every year!!! I wonder why I thought it was different?


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