Friday, October 17, 2008

Kloppenheim ~ Bird of prey park ~ Dullstroom

So last weekend we went to Kloppenheim country estate. Before we arrived there we first stopped at this cute little town Dullstroom, a small town in rural Africa where the slow pace of life still excist. But they made Mainstreet the cutest little Mainstreet I came accross in a long time! With art galleries, small pancake places, Arts and Craft shops, just adorable. So we ate some yummy pancakes and went off to Kloppenheim. The estate is on top of the highvelds, and the surroundings are just georgous!! I mean you can see the valley miles and miles ahead of you, and it was sunny and clear, so it was just amazing. Pictures don't do justice!

However the surroundings were beautiful the atmosphere in the estate was weird, so gloomy, not friendly and inviting. Nice set up and everything, just the staff was not into it at all. So we don't go back there anymore! They definitely need to learn a lesson about hospitality...we felt we couldn't laught out loud, everybody was so quite, boring. You just didn't feel at home at all... shame, but we had a good weekend anyway.

Since the next day we went to the Bird of Prey centre run by Mark Holder and Mark Bett, just the 2 nicest guys from the UK, who are running this beautiful Bird of Prey centre. And you can see they put so much love and energy in this centre, it was a really fun and informative day. They did a show with the birds and explained everything about them, but in such a fun and captivating way, we had so much fun! We saw many big birds different kind of eagles, buzzards, owls. And on top of that they had a petting zoo, so while Dirk and me were drinking some coffee the girls fed the sheep, goats and other small farm animals.

We wouldn't have missed this trip, since the highvelds are really neat to see.

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Emm said...

Wow. Kloppenheim is not cheap - I really expected you to have a much better expereince than that. I think you should complain to them!!


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