Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kloppenheim ~ country estate

This weekend the girls again have a long weekend off from school, so we are doing all kinds of fun things.
Yesterday we went to the People’s Theatre in Braamfontein Joburg. With their friends Heidi and Kaitlyn and their moms we saw Red Riding Hood and other stories. Introducing the magic and joy of live theatre to young audiences, this fabulous interactive production emphasises the value of books, gently reminding young theatregoers that reading and books are filled with magic and fun. There were about 100 school children, all in their uniforms. I guess they were 4 year olds, so cute and well behaved! Our girls enjoyed the play a lot! There was a lot of singing and interacting with the audience, so fun and cute to see!

Today we are off for a weekend in Kloppenheim Estate. A beautiful resort in the Mpulanga Highlands Meander. The imposing mountains and rivers of the Meander presents the opportunity for adrenaline pumping activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, hot air ballooning and paragliding to mention a few. Major highlights of the region include a vibrant arts and crafts community. But we are just going there to relax, have a swim, a spa treatment and enjoy the scrumptious food they are supposingly serving at Kloppenheim.

I wish you all a great weekend as well, and I am back for a new posting either Monday or Tuesday!

Hakuna Matata! (no worries for the rest of your days!)


Emm said...

ave a wonderful time - I cannot wait to read about your adventures and see your photographs when you come back.

Jen and Jeff said...

This place looks gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful time!!


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