Sunday, October 26, 2008

Circles of Support: Children's Voices

I found this PDF file of Circles of Support which meets the needs of orphans and other children made vulnerable as a result of the HIV and AIDS epicemic. One of the countries involved is Swaziland, a country that almost lies within South Africa. Look at the map below.
I am deeply moved by this project and wanted to share this with you. It gives you an idea how a lot of children live their lifes here in African countries. (If you click on the title of this post it will direct you to the link of the PDF file).

One of the primary objectives of the project is to ensure that children continue with their schooling, this can be achieved by creating support networks for the children in their communities and schools. The purpose of this report was to document children’s perspectives of their lives and the project, in order to
assist the project to better understand and meet the priority needs of children.

The project gives you the background of the children: family composition and their daily lifes.
Challenges that the children face; lack of time to study, food during the day, walking long distances to school, school fees, being sickly, herding cattle, fetching water and firewood, cooking and cleaning, domestic violence, seperation of parents and so many more challenges these innocent and precious children have to face on a day to day basis. It breaks your heart when you read the stories they have written themselves in this document!

However it also talks about their resilience, their community, family, places that are important to them like church, hospital, library, neighbors. What makes them happy and how they get their local support. These children have the same feelings and aspirations as many of your and our children, they laugh about the same silly jokes as our children do. However, the hardship they often go through is difficult to read about, but then again if you see these beautiful faces and their big smiles when they are in front of a camera it melts your heart!

This research was written by Kgethi Dlamini in 2005 and was done with children of primary school age (7-12 years) and with children of secondary school age (13-18 years)

Reading these articles makes me humble and thankfull about the good things we have in our lives. Good fortune, being healthy, having healthy and happy children. A roof above our heads, nothing really to worry about. These children can't say that!

Think about it, and do a good deed. Donate something to your favorite charity, Christmas is coming up. If we all do something it will help!

Have a good Sunday,

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FashionBabyHotMomma said...

What beautiful children! Thanks for sharing this. I will take a look. I honestly had never heard of Swaziland before or this organization. So many kids in need of help. It's so sad! At least there are good people out there trying to help!


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