Saturday, October 18, 2008

First rain ~ YEAH! and a dip into the pool...

In almost FIVE months we had the first rain!! Finally it cooled down a bit and the grass already looks greener. We went out for dinner last night with friends and we sat outside and we had the most amazing view on the magnificent lightning and thunder! South Africa is famous for its spectacular lightning, so the season has started. I am looking forward to more of these wonders of nature.

Having said it has cooled down, that means for the evening. It is Saturday now, and we planned to hang up the curtains in our house and do some other small chores, while the kids are dipping in the pool. Pretending to be mermaids, swimming for a while, but since the water is still a bit cool (about 20C) they alternate with laying in the sun to warm up again.

Here are the girls enjoying a bit of the sun.

JJ is more a water mouse than Jezz is, so here she is showing me a water handstand.
Jezz adores the sun tanning a bit more.

So while we are slaving away in the house, and me blogging in between, the girls are enjoying the sun and water. Having a wonderful relaxing day at home. It's about noon now but we are expecting some more rain in the afternoon. People tell us that that will be the schedule for the coming weeks. Every day at around 4-5 pm we can expect a heavy rainfall and the next day it is sunny again. Not too bad, and the garden will bloom and get georgous green again, so that is nice.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend as well!


Emm said...

:0) It was so cool to see everyone posting about the rain today after I was wandering about it yesterday!!!

Mireille said...

that's why I wrote about it, because you asked for it! and it just happened that day....funny huh?

Emm said...

:0) I must have rain making capabilities!

Jen and Jeff said...

How cute are they??


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