Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pool time and relax time

As said, not much going on this weekend. The girls are swimming and enjoying the new slide we put up today. Not easy with a small pump, but finally it worked!

Our curtains are hanging, looks so much nicer and homier with curtains than without. Since everything is a big task here in South Africa, it takes African time, you have to have a lot of patience....

Only a few more other tasks...which probably takes another 2-3 months but by the time my mother is coming for Xmas the house will look nice and finished!! YEAH! Our first visitor is coming and we are looking forward to that. My mom will be here for Xmas and New Years, so we are planning some cool trips the next days, since this is the summer time here in SA and everything is booking up fast!

And at the end of my mom's stay our friends Marisca, Martijn and Justin are arriving which will be so much fun, the coolest friends on the universe and they are staying with us ;-) We will have a grand time!! And they will be here for my Bday on January 31st, so party time galore!!

Have a great Sunday y'all!

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Emm said...

Ste's parents are coming here for Xmas. That should be fun.


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