Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Double fest today! My Birthday and my 3rd Anniversary of my blog, so the day can't go wrong anymore! :-)
And the sun is shining, we haven't had that in a long time either!!

I celebrated already all weekend, because Dirk had to go to Europe for a week last night, and having your Bday on a Monday when most of my friends work, it's easier to celebrate big over the weekend!

And since you know me by now.... we celebrate BIG!! Not only did we celebrate my Bday, but we also had a goodbye party of one of my best friends Tehmina and her family. They are moving to London, and we are all pretty sad about that. So it was a weekend full of emotions!! We had a braai/BBQ at the Rhino & Lion park, we did this before, but if you live freely amongst the wild animals you have to celebrate amongst them as well! And in the evening we had a party at my house, and since we have a full bar, we made some nice cocktails again :-)

44 years ago I was just a tiny baby, born 6 weeks too early, although you can't see that here on this picture anymore.. LOL!
No clue at that point what life would hold for me, and that I would travel so much... just a happy little camper, living in the South of Holland. Becoming soon a big sister to 2 younger brothers.

I got pretty spoiled by my hubby today, he bought me a Swiss classic, Ebel watch with 54 diamonds!! Pretty nice!! Something I wanted already for a while, but could never decide which one I liked best...

The girls gave me some yummy chocolates and drawings, so sweet! The chocolates I have to share they told me :-)
Oh well, that is fine with me!! LOL

But before I forget I also started 3 years ago on this day my blog. I can't believe that I already posted 520 stories in those last 3 years. My readers (incl. 95 followers - Thank You!) are now officially from the whole world, you can see on the left hand side the stats. 195 countries and about 525 people visit me daily!! That is pretty amazing to me! I know there are blogs out there who have a gigantic reader group, but for just a family blog, I find this pretty cool!! How the world has changed in connecting with each other, via Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I heard somewhere that there are 350 million blogs out there, so if people can find me with my Funky Doodle Donkey and just my daily ramblings of our lives here in Joburg, that is pretty amazing!!

If you google the names JJ & Jezz, or Funky Doodle Donkey in IMAGES you will get hundred of pictures of my blog, so the girls are more famous (or infamous) than me!! When they told this at school, the other kids didn't understand why they didn't see a picture of themselves when they googled their name... LOL Well, your mom has not a blog!! I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but it is there no matter what. In this world of electronic recording... you can't live without anymore and it only will go further and further!!

And as I wrote the last anniversaries... the people who I have met through my blog is just too cool for words, such a nice group of friends they have become. Living on the other side of the world, but meeting the nicest people and keeping in touch over all those 3 years, that is so great to me!!

Thank you all for following me, staying in touch via FB or emails. Meeting each other in real life, which is the BEST!! and just commenting on my ramblings, inspiring me with your blogs. Life = good!!

Have a Marvelous Monday!.... I know I will :-)


Emm said...

Happy birthday Mireille and happy blogoversary too!! I hope you have an awesome day and many more happy returns! Your traffic is excellent! That is such an achievement to get over 500 visits a day.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, My Friend. You haven't changed a bit!

I KNEW you'd celebrate in style.

And I'm glad to know that my vet isn't the only one sporting a classy watch!


Wyndee said...

Happy Birthday!!! And I'm lovin' that watch!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Mireille! Your blog has inspired me in so many ways. Well done!

Mireille said...

Hi Mary, drop me an email at mdijkstra @, so we can get a cuppa Joe together!!

Maci Miller said...

What a cute little cherub you were! Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope it was wonderful!

Not surprised to see how many followers and hits you have on the blog. Not only is your life so glamorous with all the travel - (I like to live vicariously through you! )- but I love hearing about those wonderful girls of yours. You're also a really cool and kind and interesting person with all sorts of great stories and fashions and crafts to share. And I see that great eye for fashion has been passed on to the girls, as well! Their drawings are great!

PS- Nice bday bling, too! Enjoy!


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