Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ Soweto Chic ~

As I showed you yesterday some local music, today you can see some local street style fashion. Shot in the bros of Soweto, here some indie designers who work their magic. Cool - uber urban - funky!

I don't take any credit for these photograph, the source is here.

But it also reminds me of another blog that is from a friend of mine, she is South African, or at least that is where I met her first, and she moved to Bangkok to study. Her blog is about street fashion and the name is The Capital of Cool. If you like street fashion and innovative photography, check the blog out, it is indeed COOL! (and the girls have the same hairdo, which is probably not a coincidence, it is fashionable and the trend right now here in SA and in Bangkok!!

So what do you think of this fashion? Do you see these styles also in your neighborhoods??

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

1 comment:

Annie said...

Super cool shoot! I love the colorful patterns and edgy looks!


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