Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OK let the fun begin...

OK ~ It is FEBRUARY now, and as I told you before JAN is not my month!! But it is over now, and I have no more excuses, whatever I want to accomplish can NOW begin!!

And my writing this blog post I know I am vulnerable... I tell you my goals and I know I will be accountable... a bit scary! But I NEED this push... this feeling of somebody is watching over my shoulder. I tried a bit in JAN, but I didn't accomplish anything yet...

So let the FUN begin!! Or actually let the serious WORK start!!

I saw last week or so an episode of Ruby, do you guys know who I am talking about?? I am sure you know who I mean, the woman from Savannah, Georgia who lost and is losing a tremendous amount of weight (she used to be 700 lbs). In this particular episode she wanted to go down below the 300 lbs mark and she needed a push... that same push I need!! Luckily I am not at her weight!! But I need a PUSH anyway!

So they came up with 5 things she had to change from her regular (already drastic weight loss plan) routine. So I was thinking, that is what I need: change 5 things!!..... and stick to it!!

OK ~ drumroll please, because it is scary to share this with you guys ~ now you will know and I will be accountable!!

1. NO evening snacking anymore ~ I sometimes have this binge snacking urge, and I need to get rid of that URGE!!
2. EVERYDAY.. and I mean everyday some form of exercise, at least 30 minutes, but working towards an hour ~
ALSO the weekends!
3. Drinking more water, at least 2 liters ~ now I only drink a few sips when I brush my teeth... NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I almost drink nothing all day, 1 cup of tea, 1 cup of coffee and maybe 1 glass of water... I am never thirsty, but always hungry!
4. Learning to handle my new camera ~ It's not ONLY about me getting in better shape, it's also working on my skills!!
5. Learning to edit my photos with funky presets and other applications.

So 3 about my body, shape and health and 2 for the mind set to keep me busy with something I absolutely LOVE but have abandoned a bit because I am scared of my new camera!! But NO MORE EXCUSES, get working on it Mireille!!

I will keep you updated on my progress and hopefully at the end of 2011 I will be a slimmer and smarter lady!! With some excellent skill sets to put on my resume!! Haha just a matter of speaking, I don't need a resume, because nobody is interested in these skills except me!!

Here is an article how to fulfill your goals, quite a good starting point for me! Check it out, maybe it is a list that you can follow as well. I mean isn't there anything you like to achieve this year?? Share it with me!! I like to know that I am not the only one who wants to change some things in their life!

So let's make a pact and share your goals, and we ALL work together to make it happen and we ALL can jump in the air from joy at the end of 2011 because we have reached our goal!!

Chock Dee (Good Luck) for all of us!!


Emm said...

Good luck Mireille! These are simple goals and you seem to be aiming at a reasonable level. I recommend a wii-fit simply because you can exercise in your pyjamas!

Maci Miller said...

YOU CAN DO IT, MIREILLE!!! You are one of the most adventurous, dynamic, sassy, and fearless woman I have ever met. This is not too much for YOU! You are brave enough to move anywhere in the world and take on a whole new life. A new diet and camera is nothing for you to tackle! I know you'l do both and succeed!

Wendy said...

+Go for it!

Sine said...

Hi Mireille,
now I found your blog, thanks for link! Sorry, can't do coffee this week as I am across the world in the U.S. at the moment but will touch base when we get back. Jealous about the sun in Joburg - I knew that would happen once we left! And once I bought an umbrella, which I did last week...

plantagenet said...

Hi Mireille, your goals sound good and I guess the URGE for snacking is something that is really hard to fight!!! I start drinking water, which helps - although how boring...the others goals should be mine too. sic.... will start with Yoga now.
My goals are very similar, loose weight and exercise more. Something that I promise myself for years. So what makes me NOT do it? The effort, the getting up to it, NO kick ass?
The mornings hours are the best, however it is sooooo cold in the winter. I need to find some indoor activity.... But I hate the smells.... it is an excuse? Not really, really?
Anyway, wish you luck and stay tuned!

Leah and Maya said...

good goals! and a Happy Happy Birthday! I'm sure it was wonderful.
Can't wait to see the stuff you can do with the camera,my cousin hasthe same one, we haven't done anything with it yet, I stillneedto get my lens fixed on mine.

Annie said...

Mireille, thanks for sharing! You've inspired me to do the same. You know, it does us good to write down and post our goals. It causes us to have at least a little outside pressure, a little accountability. I am a list maker. Chores, goals - both long term and short term, and whatever else I can think of to list. Although I have to admit that I probably never accomplish everything on my lists, they keep me moving toward the end and that is something. Your list is shorter, and although will take willpower, I think attainable! I think I make much too lengthy, unattainable lists!

I am going to sit down tonight and try to write down 5 things! I know one of them will be to get at my housework earlier in the day when I spend a little too much time blogging :) , otherwise I get stressed out later in the day trying to get everything done. Secondly, I also need to exercise again regularly. Maybe yoga at home. Thirdly, I need to be more prompt with my volunteer work, not procrastinate and wait to the end of the month to get my reports in. Now I will have to choose what 4 and 5 will be. So many options!

Thanks for the inspiration friend!


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