Tuesday, January 25, 2011

POGO ~ Joburg Jam

I like to show you some scenes and music from around Johannesburg or Joburg as we call it.

Imagine being able to capture the astounding sites and beautiful sounds of travel through one fun and easy-to-listen to song. Sound crazy? Well, say hello to Pogo’s Word Remix project.

Australian based DJ/remixer Pogo, went recently to Johannesburg, South Africa, to make music from real life scenes. The result is a clever reshaping of out-of-context noises and rhythms that are glued together seamlessly to tell a completely new story altogether. That is what Joburg is all about, an eclectic mix of people, sounds, culture... so vibrant and cool!

The Funky Donkey likes to keep you updated on the cool things around, things that make you wiggle & giggle :-)
Do you have such a cool music coming from your city?? Share it with me!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
Mireille xx

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