Thursday, January 20, 2011

My growing girls....

I was looking through my picture files and found these ones in which the girls are almost in the same position.
Jezz on the left and Juliet on the right in all 3 of them.

So I thought it is nice to put them together and see how the girls have grown. Cute at 4, and still totally adorable at 8!

This one is from 2006, so the girls are 3,5 years old.

This one is from 2007, and the girls are 5,5 years old.

And this is just taken in 2010, and here are the girls 8,5 years old.

You can totally recognize Jasmine and Juliet in each of them! At least I can, what about you??
Do you see the difference??

Have a FAB day!!


Leah and Maya said...

well they are gorgeous, but yes I can imagine you would have no problem telling then apart, just their personalities. for those of us who only seethem in pictures it might take a bit moretime to really see who is who.
Maya is going to love your giraffe post,she's always asking me questions about animals in Africa, she LOVES them.
Ditto on the photography, I think I have a lens/camera problem but I haven't had any time toactually check it out, maybe soon I hope.My cousin has the same camera as you, its challening since my is so simple and her's isn't, and she wants my help.

Leah and Maya said...

Oh yeah I forgot, holey smokes on your house getting hit with lightening, that would freak me out!

and yes January is January its after the holidays so we are all feeling done with winteraround here, but at least you will probably have a fun birthday celebration!


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