Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in pictures!

I got this idea from Wendy, a friend of mine from Connecticut, she writes a blog as well. And she is a funny writer, so check out her blog here. Thank You Wendy for the idea!

Here comes our year in pictures, although these are many pictures, it is not even half of the activities we have done... there were still so many more moments which I could have shared, but it just gets too much for 1 blog posting....


The year 2010 started off with a BANG! My Bday is on the 31st and we had a WILD party!! With me dancing on the table, but I will not show you that picture...

Here the beginning of the evening, just the girls.

Then more towards the end of the evening, Dirk getting wild with the girls :-)


It's summer, so the girls are all the time in the pool.

Valentine's trip to the bush, we could bike here and just run into giraffes, kudus, ostriches... so much fun!


Another trip: Mountains & Beaches

While we were lounging at the pool at a nearby restaurant, some friends joined us!! A new for us.. zebra's hanging out with us!


The girls are 8!

Queen's Day celebration at the Ambassadors house in Pretoria.

A real wild Cheetah visiting school! His name is Byron

Cleaning cars for Byron the Cheetah, a good cause, so other children can also visit the wildlife center.


A camping trip for JJ & Jezz's Bday, with 11 girls sleeping over in the bush - so exciting!!

World Cup in South Africa, but also at school. Each class is another country and they play against each other!


SA was in the ban of the World Cup Football, Dirk enjoyed 11 games AND the final! He had a blast, while we were soaking up the sun on Koh Samui.

6 weeks on Koh Samui, just me and the girls, while Dirk is enjoying all the football games in SA!

My father also stayed with us for a while.


The last 2,5 weeks Dirk joins us and we travel to Pattaya, Bangkok and Hua Hin. Here with Namphet our good friend!


A lot of our friends meet for a BBQ/Braai at the Lion & Rhino park to have some fun at a Sunday afternoon.

A big ugly bird joined us...


A camping trip in Limpopo with 3 other families, we just LOVE the BUSH!!

14 years married!


A school trip for the moms to Pretoria to see the blooming Jacarandas.

JJ and Jezz finally learned how to bike!

Mid-term break ~ A week to 3 of the 7 Emirates: Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Abu Dhabi, what a mysterious world!

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, can hold up to 40.000 worshippers at one time! One of the largest mosques in the world.

Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai, the girls could have stayed there for the whole week :-)


Dirk, Luciano and Candice celebrated their Bday with a great party AND a Belly Dancer!

Our annual trip to the coast of Durban during the Thanksgiving break, this year we went to Zimbali.

The annual Parade of Nations at AISJ ~ the girls in their national dress.

Went to the wedding of our friends Lionel & Olimpia. A fun fest!


A month later their first child was born, a handsome boy Gabriel!

Xmas eve: dinner by the pool.

While the adults are enjoying the 5-course meal the girls are unwrapping gifts in between bites.

Fire crackers for the kids at the New Year's Bash. We celebrated with 33 kids and adults, a fun fest again!

And a dip in the hot tub for the younger girls! FUN, FUN, FUN!

So many great moments, so many things to be thankful of, such a fun year! I am looking forward to 2011, already a lot of trips planned, Bdays to celebrate and other fun activities to look forward to. Can't wait to share them with you!

I hope your year will be fun filled, adventurous, and full of happy moments!


Maci Miller said...

A wonderful post full of fabulous photos of great times! Happy, happy new year my friend!

Anonymous said...

wow can I come and live with you your life looks AWESOME!!!

Hope you have as wonderful a 2011 as 2010 obviously was.

Gem x

Free Spirit said...

What a fabulous idea...I may have to steal this idea for next year..It was fun trip thro your eyes, in your footsteps..Thanks for sharing.


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