Monday, January 17, 2011

~ Intentions ~


It is one of my hobbies, but actually I haven't spend much time on it lately, and I want to go back. Remember last year I did quite a few courses, but I really need to practice what I have learned, try out the different techniques and see where it brings me. But since I have my new camera I am not that confident anymore, I need to get used to that new piece of equipment. So that is one of my intentions, get out there and use it!!

Play with it, challenge it, discover it, marvel about it, or even get annoyed by it, but at least get to know it!!

But with photography comes another thing, the editing, you can't go without it anymore, in these digital times you have to do with photoshop or another editing program what in the olden days was done in the dark room, and that takes TIME! A lot of time, the editing takes more work than the actual taking of the photograph and sometimes I am lazy and not willing to go through these steps.... but then the end result is not as great as you want it to be... so I have to commit to this step as well... so again I have to:

Play with it, challenge it, discover it, marvel about it, or even get annoyed by it, but at least get to know it!!

My intention for 2011, to dig in there and go for it!! Learn more... do more... with photography and all it's components.

So what do you think? Which picture is better, the first one: SOOC ~ Straight Out Of Camera? or the second one... the one I fiddled a bit around with??

Have a Marvelous Monday!


Emm said...

Oh, I absolutely know what you mean and if it weren't for my new camera being super user-friendly, I'd get nowhere!!

Good luck with your photography this year Mireille! Maybe we can set each other photo tasks?

Mireille said...

That would be definitely a push for me... hmm let me think about it!

Maci Miller said...

I actually like the first one better - straight out of the camera. It's a beautiful shot! You've got a great talent! Keeping going! :-)

Emm said...

Aaaah, no pressure M! I also meant to mention that I too preferred the first photo.

Robin and Kyle said...

I wish I could somehow download a photography course into my brain without finding the time to take it. Is that possible?

I actually like the second photo, depending on what its final use would be. The first photo is a beautiful documentation of the flowers, but the second feels modern and really pops.

Annie said...

I love the sooc one best, but the one you worked with does look very cool - arsty!

Mireille said...

That's exactly what I wanted, for the 2nd one to be artsy, cool, popping.
That is the nice thing with the editing programs you can give a totally different feel to a picture, make it more moody, happy, edgy, funky... I really like that, so I guess I have to put more effort into it.
As you Robin, I would LOVE for the knowledge to mysteriously come into me, and just wake up 1 day with all the knowledge I need to know to make those photographs POP!


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