Friday, January 14, 2011

~ Drama girls ~

The girls are in drama class and just before Xmas they had a performance at the Old Mutual Theatre on Nelson Mandela Square here in Joburg.

They practiced every Saturday from September till December. The play was a Xmas version of the Wizard of Oz and Jasmine was Elf Curly Locks and Juliet was the Grumbly Witch.

So here a picture all dressed up ready to go for the big recital in a real theatre, a bit nervous but already in their role!

On the square a big statue of Nelson Mandela. (picture from my friend Tony Russell)

And a Xmas Baobab tree, so nice!

We all had to take care of our own clothes, you either rent them or make them... I made Jasmine's outfit, the Witch outfit she still had from Halloween a few years back...

I especially loved the snowman outfit, such a cute outfit, great idea for Halloween! Later in the story he even got a black hat to complete the outfit.

Jasmine was a bit shy in her performance, but she knew all her words :-)

Juliet was a bit more outspoken and really projected her words clear and loud, so cute. Here she crumbles down after she got splashed with water.

Some of the kids waiting for their certificate.

Although they really liked the action and the performance on stage, they don't want to do it again next season. Too bad really!
What is it with these kids, 1 season they do something, try it out, and then they don't want to do it anymore... not sticking to anything!!

At the moment they are playing/learning golf, but that also is not something they want to pursue further....
I was so different as a child, I did my gymnastics for years and LOVED it, the girls haven't found anything that tickles their fancy. Is that the same with your kids I wonder??

TGIF ~ Enjoy the weekend!


Leah and Maya said...

well Maya's only 4 but her problem is is that she loves everything she tries and wants to do it all.

Maci Miller said...

Oh these shots are just gorgeous! You can see the girls really in their roles! Love the costume you made for Jasmine and Juliet is so serious in her witch role. Love it! Those girls sure are looking grown up these days. Just beautiful they are!

I wonder sometimes what Ruby will be into later. Hard to tell just yet. She loves gymnastics so I think that may be a keeper, but dance could go either way. I think she likes it so far but hard to say if she will stick with it at this age. Ah well, as long they all have fun and try new things, right?

Annie said...

Mireille, I did gymnastics all through my childhood too! Yay!

I love the "drama girls"! Maybe they will change their minds as the next season rolls around and decide to try it again.


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