Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~ Gloomy ~

I don't know what it is about January, but I never feel good in JAN. And I even celebrate my Bday in Jan, at the last day on the 31st, but maybe it is because I was born 6 weeks early and I was supposed to enter the world in MARCH that I don't like January?? Would that have an effect later in life??

I never feel good, a little gloomy, heavy, depressed, and it goes by FEB. Then it is all over! And first I thought it is because it is of the weather, mostly cold, grey and raining... and maybe it IS! Because even here now in SA, where it is supposed to be sunny and blue skies, it is NOT. It is grey, raining and gloomy weather, so maybe it has an effect on my mood after all??

I kind of feel like these animals.... slow, loggy (if that is a word?) but you kind of understand what I mean... maybe Rhinos are really happy animals... but I don't think so.

I will be better in FEB and luckily it is around the corner....

How does the weather affect your mood?? And do you have a month that is more depressing than others??
Tell me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Wendy said...

I think weather can affect mood. Certainly, length of exposure to sunlight during the day can.

The only thing that depresses me is that my rear end looks very much like the backside of those rhinos in the picture! :-)

Maci Miller said...

Yeah gloomy weather can effect me too, sometimes. I just hate the cold and it's been soooo freezing here!
Jan is also the calm after much excitement and merriment. We are celebrating one thing or another from Sept -Dec and then Jan is kinda quiet. I usually love the order and routine that comes with this month and focus on that. (That and my long list of resolutions, haha!) But also it can be a great time for creativity!


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