Sunday, January 23, 2011

the ability to enjoy...

Sunday evening, time for a bath... but the girls can make every event a FUN event!

Look at them, lounging in the bath tub with a naked Barbie and an empty shampoo bottle having the time of their life!

Being 8 is not bad :-)

Have a nice end of the weekend!


Kate said...

Oh Mireille!!! That is so cute...and it looks like Lia's bathtub. FULL of naked Barbies. They also enjoy a warm tub apprently...and Lia makes sure all of their hair is extremely clean!

Have a great week!!!


Maci Miller said...

So cute! And I'll tell you, never take for granted a nice, hot bath! Oil burner went out on us today and poor Rubes got the last drop of warm water in her bath this morning and a cool rinse. Thankfully, she was able to at least get that. Now it's only freezing so I am waiting till later when the hot water is back!

Annie said...

This picture has captured a super cute moment! I love it!


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