Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing the WII ~ Thai style ~

The girls got a Wii game for Xmas (they never wanted it, but we bought it anyway this year and NOW they LOVE it), and you can guess it, like watching TV and reading books, they play the WII Thai style as well... no surprise to you isn't it??

Here a view through our willow Xmas tree, I did it again like last year a very modern version of a Xmas tree...

They are so into their game that they didn't even notice me taking these pictures....

Remember that they also watch TV Thai Style? You can read that story here.

That is how we are spending our days during our Xmas break... playing in the pool, playing the Wii, reading new books we've got. Visiting friends who live a bit more outdoors and have many horses, so the girls can ride a pony, swim some more with friends, have fabulous dinners together and just relax, relax and enjoy the Holiday Season!

How do you spend your time during the holidays?
Enjoy it!


Sofia's Ideas said...

Ha! Ha! In our family, we call that Indonesian style! Do you guys pick stuff up with your feet too, or is that just us? My husband calls it "monkey feet"! :)
Love the photos! :)

Leah and Maya said...

it seems like at some point your knee's would start to hurt or stove up, I know mine would.
Sounds like you all are having a lovely break. We are in for a bunch more snow and some really record breaking below temperatures, oh yay..........

Maci Miller said...

So cute. Like sweet little birds perched like that! I have to comment on Sofia's comment too cause Ruby picks up stuff with her feet and loves to point with them. So silly.

Love the pics. Looks like you are all having a great holiday over there! We have been kicking back for a few days but tomorrow we leave town again for more parties and celebrating!

Wyndee said...

Little squatters! Sophie does the same thing. ;-)


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