Friday, September 23, 2011

~ Parade of Nations 2011 ~

Last week we had the Parade of Nations again! 83 countries are represented at our school. AMAZING!!

How wonderful it is to see all these countries hand in hand, walking together in their national dress behind their own flag. This is always a very emotional day for me. I get tears in my eyes when I see all those beautiful children walk proudly around the field to show the world that YES we CAN be UNITED!!

All the kids getting ready on the field to parade. Each country walks a round the soccer field alphabetical order.

AISJ band is getting ready to play some music to start off.

The Pretoria campus is represented as well for the first time, and here they do a Zulu dance and music performance.

All the kids wear recycled clothing, like the Zulu's used to do...

We start with Argentina... I will show you a lot of pictures, but unfortunately not all countries I had a picture from.

My good friends from Brazil.

Hello Luciane & Candice!

Colorful Cameroon.

A sweet girl from Hungary.

Our friends from Israel.

Gorgeous girls in colorful kimono's from Japan.

Mexico is well represented with stunning girls in beautiful outfits.

Estela with her boys, walking proudly for Mexico.

Beautiful girls from Namibia.

A huge crowd from the Netherlands!

Here my neighbor Jaslynn and a friend.

And her younger sister Cathlynn and brother Daryll. Good friends of us.

Teresa from Peru with her boys. Such beautiful outfits!!

Cute girls from the Philippines.

And this sweet girl is from Poland in such stunning outfit!

A beauty from South Africa.

South Africa, our host country is well represented, here some beautiful women in gorgeous outfits.

And the big and beautiful crowd from South Korea. I just love love these outfits!!


Simply Adorable!!

Yellow & Blue from Sweden!

How cute is this girl with her beautiful flower wreath from Sweden.

And here I was waiting for: my girls walking for Thailand!

Our gorgeous girls, stunning in their Thai national dress.

Sweet Jasmine with her parasol.

and radiant Jen Su in a stunning Thai outfit.

A happy crowd for Turkey.

A huge group for the USA, love all the red/white and blue!

Stars & Stripes.

Colorful Zimbabwe.

And here some close-ups after the parade. Thailand & the Netherlands together.

Korea & Thailand, hand in hand.

Besties together: Elle from the USA and JJ.

4 of the 5 girls from JJ's class. India, Thailand, USA & UK.

Isn't this a wonderful blog post?? I always love love the Parade of Nations!!

For those who have been following my blog for the last 3 years, now that this is the fourth Parade of Nations our children are participating in. See here my blog post of the Parade of Nations of 2008, 2009 and 2010 and again 2010.

Each year this is a huge event, and I hope we can do a few more before we leave South Africa!
How about you? Is your school International? How diverse is it?

Have a wonderful day,


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

this is one of the coolest things. I remember your pictures from last year as well, just awesome!

Paige said...

These pictures are great Mireille! You did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the day!

Maci Miller said...

Such a cool event! Love all the pics. JJ & JEzz look GORGEOUS!


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