Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spotlight on: THANDA

Being back in South Africa reminds me daily again what a struggle a lot of people go through. The thing is when you live like me in Fourways, a rich suburb of Johannesburg that you don't immediately think of the poverty, the anguish, the sorrow a lot of locals go through. But I feel that we need to put the spotlight on these people and remind ourselves how blessed we are.

How lucky we are!

That our cradle was there were it was, and NOT here in South Africa amongst these poor people with no access to food, to education, to medication or a roof above their heads and being cold in these harsh winters.

I came across this website and organization that a young girl age 27 started. Five years ago at the age of 22, Angela Larkan established non-profit organization to fight the destructive impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty on rural communities.

Today, Angela’s project supports 325 children daily, and she is working to bring hope to thousands more through her model for community change.

source: here

This inspiring young woman is defining a new approach to ending poverty and HIV/AIDS in rural communities, and developing a new model of orphan care that could be implemented throughout Africa. Angela’s pioneering local work is now about to make global headlines as part of the iconic Levi’s® brand’s new ‘Go Forth’ campaign.

The campaign, a global rally to create positive change in the world today, is showcasing the work of pioneering individuals from across the globe who are tackling the greatest challenges of our time.

Angela runs the Thanda after-school program in Kwa-Zulu Natal for the second year now, and on her website and blog you can read her AMAZING story! She is one of the most impressive 27-year-olds I've heard about in a long time and her work with Aids orphans is truly amazing!

Read, listen, watch & Support if you can!

- South Africa has the HIGHEST number of people in the world living with HIV/AIDS. ~ 5.3 million!
- Estimates say that by 2015 SA will have 5.7 million orphans.
- In rural Kwa-Zulu Natal, the daily life of many is a battle for survival.
- Under such harsh circumstances, the quality of education suffers greatly.
- But for many children, education is the only hope for a better life.
- The Thanda After-School Project empowers students to rise above the harsh circumstances surrounding them.

See this young boy move his body and dancing Thanda style, it will brighten your day!! It will lift your spirits!

If you are touched by these children, go to the Thanda website here and support them!!

Please ~ they need your help!!

Think about how good your children are living, and compare them with these precious children.



Mireille xx

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Maci Miller said...

What an amazing young woman! This is a great post for you to share, Mireille! Love that boy dancing, too! Boy he can MOVE!


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