Friday, September 2, 2011

Foodies adventure in NYC

I am still unpacking my last boxes, but the house is coming nicely together. But I have to finish writing about my summer trip in the USA and the Netherlands, since I already have booked 2 more safari's for this weekend and the next...

So we were 4 days in NYC, and every time I am there, I am exploring the best food places in town!! The FOOD is so good in the City, no place can beat that! Well... maybe some cities in Asia, but definitely not in the West. NYC = the BEST!

First 2 days we had a hotel across from the Empire State building, we could see it clearly from our room. So we explored Times Square. There was a huge launch going on from the new toy called Fijit. TV and Radio stations where there and JJ and Jezz got interviewed, since we just bought that toy that will be the next big thing for Xmas this year. So we will see if they use that clip on TV, then the girls are famous!! :-)

A huge hype on Times Square, and we just happened to be there!!

The next 2 days we spent with our long time friend Espen, who lives in Tribeca. He moved from Soho to Tribeca, so we still explored both parts of the City. We love this neighborhood!!

Of course we met some more good friends, while enjoying the variety of food in the City. Just in these 4 days we went to these places below, all meals we spent eating outside and we like to have as much variety as possible. Any of these places I can recommend, so check it out when you are in the City!!

First night, something very special: Momofuku Ssam Bar, corner of 13th ST / 2nd Ave. A Taiwanese-Japanese funky bar, with a menu so different and always changing, just plain awesome!! We had the most interesting food combinations, the crowd is hip. This is a happening place, go for it the next time you are in town. Actually Momofuku has a few restaurants in town, so check it out!!

After that we had a drink at one of the oldest watering holes in the City, at McSorley's Old Ale House, established in 1854. The oldest operating saloon in town. They still have hay on the floor so the floor doesn't get dirty. A bit smelly like an old pub smells and the crowd being really interesting, but not really our taste we headed out to a place I would feel more at ease... and that is the Macao Trading Company. Wow, this is nice!! Such an eclectic mix of food and drinks, this is the kind of place I feel at home, a nice combi of East meets West, the same fusion we are in our family. East meets West. Go here if you are in NYC, you will love it!! We only had drinks there after dinner, but next time I like to eat here.

The next night we went out to Barolo's and meeting our dear and good friends Patsy & Alex, which was so great to have some time with them again, after we had seen them in Ridgefield, CT. Now only us adults, spending some quality time with great food and drinks. Barolo's had restaurant week so there was a set menu, and we were sitting outside in the garden ~ Bliss!! Italian food & wines in a setting you don't believe you are in the middle of this huge city. So tranquil and peaceful = sweet life!! For drinks after we went next door to Thom Bar, a great bar with an extensive list of cocktails, just what the doctor ordered!! :-) Sweet!!

Meeting our dear friend Luciano, who lived till now in South Africa and we had spent many parties together in Joburg, now moved to Westport, CT and working in the City. A good moment for us to see him again and have a drink at the rooftop bar at Jimmy's at the James Hotel. Such a fun place to go and have after work drinks, cool, hip and happening!!

It was so hot in the City, temperatures reached easily a 100F/40C and we were walking the Highline (which you need to do one day too), and went to see Ground Zero. This place is growing, huge construction going on and a lot of progress is happening. Interesting to see in this building stage. But Jasmine got overwhelmed by all the walking in this heat, so she started crying and we went home with a taxi... but not before we had some lunch at the Viet Cafe in Tribeca.
For lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant my favorite is Pho. The noodle soup... YUM YUM YUM!!

And the BEST for the last. We went out for tapas at the Boqueria Tapas bar. OMG!! If you like Spanish food ~ tapas, go here!! This food is modern version of the old and good tapas, but so good!! So fresh!! So delish!! I still think about this evening, the food, the ambiance, the sangria, OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD!! Of all the places we saw this trip, this was my FAVORITE!!

I just LOVE Manhattan!! It is the best place in the world, to me! Our dream is to have an apartment in the City and a beach house in Thailand, when we retire. So we have both, the city and cultural life for half of the year and the other half the relaxing time on our beach... sounds good or what?

What is your ideal location for retirement?? Do you have a dream destination?? Share it with me!
Love, M xx


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

YOu are the perfect traveler. I would miss most of the best parts I'm sure since I don't like food, I mean I love food like a 2 year old (not my 2 yearl old when she was little she had to eat everything so she coudl turn out normal and not like me)
Cool to see the city thru your eyes, I've never had any desire to visit New York, I don't like big citys so just never cared to visit. So enjoyed your pictures though, and your exuberance for everything, fantastic!

Wendy said...

I love living so close to NY, but not actually having to deal with the noise and hustle and bustle of the city every day. We get the best of both worlds. I don't think there is anywhere on earth Becky would rather live. She is so enjoying college there. Glad you had a wonderful time, and it was FANTASTIC to meet up while you were in the City!

plantagenet said...

Yes, very nice and understand the adventure and the choices. I liked NYC too, not too fund of the noise, dirt and dust though. I am too much of a European I guess to appreciate the American way of life.... Our plan to go to France hasn't changed the only thing to choose now is the 'winter quarters', which might be Thailand too? Miss it really. SA was an option, we shall see if this winter season helps us to decide... lovely post!!!


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