Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in South Africa!

OK, I have been back in South Africa now for a while now, but so behind blogging that it only seems I come back now... so just a recap of what I have been doing these last weeks....

380 boxes were waiting for me to unpack, put into the right place and decorate the new house... LOT OF WORK!! hence, the no blogging updates on a regular basis... sorry! But better times ahead. Still some boxes left, but I put them all in one room, so the rest of the house is at least decent, not all the pictures are hung up, because some of it has to grown on me. I can't decide in an instant where and what is the right place. This is a work in progress.... pictures will follow as soon as the progress is done :-)

Kids starting back to school, regular life for them and for us, which is nice in a way. We went to the movies on a Wednesday at Monte Casino, which is an Italian village/shopping centre, since that is a short day at school and the girls had fun with their 3-D glasses, took out the lenses and pretended to be NERDS!

Cathlynn, Juliet & Jasmine being nerdy with their 3D glasses :-)

Had a few cooking classes, which I love and keep doing, because you are never to old to learn some new tricks and learn more delicious dishes!! So here a few pics of that.

Cooking class with Karen a friend of mine from Singapore, she also is a blogger, check out her blog here, fantastic tales and photographs! She taught us how to cook Glutinuous Rice in Lotus Leaf, Chicken Satay and Portuguese Egg Tarts. All these recipes we learned that day and MORE you can find on her blog here. She also made that day a fish curry for us just to enjoy. YUM YUM, thanks Karen it was a wonderful morning!!

The other cooking class I had was Japanese by Sumie and the theme was MISO. We learned how to make a Miso dip, Nasu No Nabeshiki (Eggplant w/Miso sauce), Chicken marinated in Miso, Sushi & Miso Soup and for desert: Strawberries w/red bean paste in a sticky rice pancake. It was DELISH ~ Thank You Sumie for this wonderful class!!

In the meantime I went already on 2 more safaris, and posts about that will follow soon!

We had the International Food Festival at school and the Parade of Nations, which I have loads of pictures on that as well, so separate posts on that too to come, and then after that I am up to date... pfew!

Not easy keeping a daily blog, which of course isn't that daily anymore and moving, traveling, cooking, entertaining, having a life, but I am trying... honest, I will do my best to get into the ritme again!!

Enjoy the pics, and hopefully your life is more in order!!
Tell me, what are your biggest hurdles?? I love to hear, that I am not the only one!!

Love & Happy Monday!
Mireille xx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me drool all over my keyboard this morning. When will cameras and computers come equipped with a taste plug-in?

I think you do an amazing job of blogging consistently despite everything you're busy doing. (I cannot even imagine traveling for 7 weeks and coming home to a different house and all my possessions in boxes!)

I haven't found a way to be consistent with our blog, but that's one of the reasons I like sharing it with Courtney - if I'm being a slacker then her posts keep it going. =)


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

very cutre 'nerds" the blue tongue was pretty good too. Well until the strawberries showed up the food just isn't for me, or cooking. Of course I do cook since I need to feed my family and all but it does nothing for me, just a bunch of work for food I don't really like. You should take a baking class that is more up my alley.


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