Tuesday, December 1, 2009

International food festival & parade at school

Last week the girls had International food festival at school and the next day we had the International parade.

The food festival was amazing, we had so many moms cooking from their home country. I represented Thailand and made 150 Thai Chicken Satay with sweet soy sauce and fried shallots. The kids loved it and I was almost out of my supply before the High scholars came. We fed 800 children from elementary to high school! Almost each country in our school, which are 69 were represented. That is a lot of different food which we all could sample. Delicious, fun and such an eye opening experience every year again!! I mean there are yummy dishes I have never seen, let alone taste!

The next day we had the International parade. Each child represented their own home country in their national dress, walking proudly behind their flag. I was so moved to see all these kids walking across the soccer field in their national costume being cheered on by all their peers and parents, it is just such a fun experience!!

I mean 69 countries, that is one third of the whole world represented at our school, isn't that cool or what! The only sad thing is that immediately after this parade we went on our Thanksgiving break and there they stole my camera, so I have no pictures of these 2 beautiful events to share with you. Such a shame!! I have only this one left that I took after the girls came home and we took off their Thai dresses before hopping into the car to go to the South Coast just below Durban.

We had a wonderful long weekend at the beautiful coast of the Indian Ocean, and we didn't let the fact that my camera, and most of Dirk's clothing got stolen ruin our weekend!

More about our weekend in another post.
Have a great week,


rosemary said...

Sounds like a fantastic day and the girls look so lovely in their dresses!

Wendy said...

What a wonderful concept! Kudos to the girls' school for celebrating so many cultures! I love the Thai dresses. Where do I get one? Did you get them in Thailand?

plantagenet said...

very nice and interesting. I bet you had a good time... sorry about your camera. how did it all happen????

plantagenet said...

very nice and interesting. I bet you had a good time... sorry about your camera. how did it all happen????

Sandie said...

I know the girls look stunning as usual. Im sure the food you cooked was delicious. And Im so sorry to hear about the theft. Especially your camera.....you LOVE your camera! XX Sandie - Australia

Miss Footloose said...

Just think of what a great education the girls are getting just being in school with kids from all over the world!

It's the kind of learning you don't get from a book.

Maci Miller said...

sorry to hear about the camera, but have to say I LOVE the shot of JJ and Jezz in there gorgeous Thai dresses! Need to find more next time we go back!


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