Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A weekend in the Bush at Kwe Kwe

Been back from our summer vacation for a month now and we feel it is time to go to the bush for a weekend. So we decided to go again to KweKwe Farm, where we have been before and enjoyed it so much we went back. Last time it was in February for the Valentines weekend, see here the post about it. We went again to the same house ~ Hornbill. A nice 4 bed/bath self catering house with a game room w/table tennis, pool table and darts. A swimming pool, big garden and a huge fire pit to braai our food on.

The most fun to go here is with a few friends, so you can share the cooking, drinking, play the games, bike and hike together and just enjoy the nature and animals that walk freely around. We also learned a few new card games, which one of them was Casino. Kids loved it!!

Hornbill, the house we stayed at.

Elliott, Clara, Juliet & Jasmine enjoying the hammock.

All the kids loved this super duper bike, and used it frequently, although it was tough to peddle, very heavy but an excellent work-out!

Nature is beautiful here.

So we decided to go for a hike. From L to R: Friia, Lene, Jasmine, Clara, Juliet and Manju.

Then we run into 2 ostriches, sitting and relaxing in the middle of the road, totally not bothered by us! Although they didn't even flick their eyes at us, we didn't dare to go to close. Because these can be vicious and pecking you with their huge beak.
We saw on other walks the 2 resident giraffes, some warthogs and kudu's, but didn't have the camera's with us.

The 4 girls, Friia, Jasmine, Clara and Juliet posing in front of a funky African tree.

At night we hang out in the play room and light the huge fire in the BBQ area to braai our food on.

And I made our new favorite drink of the moment: Orange-Basil Mojitos. Simply swap the mint & lime for fresh basil & oranges and you have the most refreshing drink!!

Another great weekend in the bush! We are so lucky to do these weekend getaways so frequently, since it is just around the corner from us. Just pack some food, drinks and go!

Are you going on camping trips like these in your surroundings??
Mireille xx

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Maci Miller said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love the pics of the girls.They are so sweet. We miss them!

The scenery there is just gorgeous. Oh, and love the orange/basil mojito idea! Yum!


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