Monday, September 26, 2011

International Food Festival at AISJ.

Last week, after the Parade of Nations we had the International Food Festival at school. Every year a big event, since we have to feed all the children plus the teachers and caretakers. This year that meant a 1000 mouths to feed. The kids and teachers from Pretoria were invited as well.

A daunting task!!

But we pulled it off, and did a great job!!

42 countries were represented with different kind of dishes. Can you imagine that your child walks through the gym of your school and can taste food from 42 different countries during one lunch?

How wonderful is that? From sushi to samosas to hamburgers to spring rolls to pancakes to curries, all on 1 plate. Made with love and dedication from each mom of a different country.

We are so blessed to have this yearly event at our school!!

Since I was behind one of those tables in the gym and with another mom from Thailand, Nacha, we made 16 kilos of BBQ Pork neck or in Thai: Kor Moo Yang / คอหมูย่าง, and I was BBQ'ing since 5:30 am in the morning and then serving the kids from elementary to high school I don't have that many pictures to show for. But I hope you will get an idea of what a great event that was!!

An overview from the gym with all the tables of food and people choosing their favorite dishes.

Eastern European ladies with their beautiful outfits! Representing Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary & Czech/Serbia. Looking GLAM girls :-)

A huge pile of yummy samosas from India.

Japanese ladies with their gorgeous kimonos. Sumie (R) is in my cooking group and she taught us last month some fab dishes.

One of these dishes were these smoked salmon & avo sushies... YUM YUM!!

Corn fritters, always nice!

And here the Korean table with lots of delish food. Stella (middle) my friend learned me already a few of these!

Two beautiful ladies in African attire piling their plates with all those goodies that you can only eat once a year all together like this!

My Chinese friends in their beautiful gowns. Always a favorite table of many!

South African milk tarts, a real yum dessert!

Talking about dessert... look at these vibrant cakes!! I forgot which country they came from.... But they look amazing!!

And last but not least; our table with the Thai food and decoration. Here is Nacha (R) my friend who came up with the idea of making Kor Moo Yang ~ BBQ Pork Neck. So good!! I was never really familiar with this cut of meat, but you have to try it!! It is so moist, tender and superb!! Go to this link and try this recipe. You will LOVE me for it, that I shared it with you!!

Nacha & me for the Thai table, serving this yummy dish which you have to try :-)

Events like this bring people of different cultures closer together. By tasting and liking someone else's food you connect with each other in a positive way. Such a great thing!!

So good to be at an International school who organizes cultural events like this!!
Does your school do these things or other cultural events?? Tell me!

Mireille xx

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