Sunday, September 4, 2011

Khon Thai maak maak.... Thai family reunion 2011

After NYC we went 4 days to Chicago. We were meeting other families who had adopted Thai children, it was a Thai family reunion. It was amazing to see so many children all from Thailand, young and old who were having a grand time!

On the program we had lots of activities, craft, music, dancing all Thai inspired! We made some new friends, met some online friends and saw some old friends, fun to see each other again!!

JJ found immediately a new friend Fern, they were almost inseparable the whole time. So nice to see how fast kids can click!

Jezz trying on some Thai hats :-)

Penny played on a Thai instrument the Khim and performed a Thai dance, she was awesome!! Really a very talented girl!

These 4 had the best time ever! Ian, Jasmine, Fern and Juliet.

We learned some Thai dancing from these cute local Thai kids, who performed first for us and then we could join in, so fun!

The girls making ribbon fish, most of the kids were much better at it, than me. It wasn't as easy as it looks!

These were the instructions, and lots of ribbons to try!

A group picture, although some of the families had not yet arrived, so later a more complete one.

Look at these beautiful faces! All proud to be Thai!

And now just the kids, having so much fun together!

2 sets of Twins!

All the families and kids together, such a fun group!!

3 sets of Thai Twins in total, how often do you see that?

Some blogging and FB friends, finally we meet in real life, so great!

And some new friends, we had some interesting talks!

Jasmine, Desiree and Juliet. Such pretty girls!

Juliet, Kittiya and Jasmine. Such fun girls!

We stayed 2 of the 3 days at the Thai Family Reunion, but were so glad that we came to this fun event, that Hannah had organized. Thank You so much for this wonderful event, it will stay in our memories for a long long time!!

And hopefully we will be able to come to the next reunion in 2013 in Boston!! We will try!
Greetings to you all from South Africa!!

Mireille xx


Wendy said...

So glad the reunion will be close to us next year. Hope you'll be there, too! Boston is my favorite city.

Maci Miller said...

What great pictures! Looks like such a great time. We are sorry to have missed it! We'll be at the next one, though. Boston is much closer and easier.


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