Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marken a cute little town.

So we did 2 little towns in one day. Volendam and Marken. Marken is a well-known tourist attraction, well-known for its characteristic wooden houses. It's a tiny village of houses grouped around the harbor.

This is the first sight we see from the ferry. How quaint is this little town?

Again, like yesterday, we see some typical Dutch things, like the laundry drying in the well kept gardens. They don't care that hundreds of tourists come by on the boat....

See how nice the gardens are? Dutch people love to tend their yard... actually yard is not a worthy word for the back garden!

How green the grass is?? You wonder?? Not me... it rains all the time!!

Another typical sight in Holland; bikes tight to a light pole. We go everywhere on the bike.

How picture perfect is this harbor?

Strolling around is another cozy entertainment the Dutch like.

With these visits to these 2 towns we hopefully give Jasmine and Juliet a better understanding of how we Dutch people live. I mean the girls have Dutch passports, but so far haven't really seen much of Holland, so we are trying to do that a bit more on our vacations from now on. And not just visit family, which expats tend to do when they go back home. Since JJ and Jezz have never lived in the Netherlands we need to give them a bit more of their culture. Like I also do for Thailand....

Are your kids carrying passports from a country they have never lived in??
Share it with me...

Love, M xx


Miss Footloose said...

M, you made me homesick with these pictures! Haven't lived in Holland for decades, although I visit every year, and it always feels good to be back and see the familiar.

I'm glad you'll give your girls a taste of the country. Do you speak Dutch with them at home?

Emm said...

Marken looks just beautiful. I love the houses and the gardens. Just as well you warned it rains there all the time or I'd want to move there.

Mireille said...

Yes, we speak Dutch at home!! Some days they give me an answer back in English, but then I tell them that we don't do that here in our house ;-)

Indeed the rain and grey weather... almost the same as in England Emm!

Sine said...

You're not in Holland again? I was going to let you know about a baseball funfest in Alexandra on the 23rd of September but now I'm thinking you might not be here. Details are on my blog if you are here and interested... Am looking for some people to go and support them and take some pics and blog about it! Safe travels!

Maci Miller said...

Wow, that is a CUTE little town. LOVE it! And yes, so picture perfect green and sweet with all the boat houses. Great that JJ & Jezz can know more about that part of their lives!


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