Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meeting friends in Downtown Chicago.

After the Thai Family Reunion, we stayed another 2 days in Downtown Chicago to meet our dear friends Tehmina, Nadeem and their children Khizer and Zoha. Another set of friends we have here in SA also came to Chicago to be with us. Candice, Gustavo and one of their sons Leo. We had a blast!! We used to party together all the time, but now Tehmina lives in London, so it was so good to see them again!!

We had so much fun together, just spending 1 day together but it was great! How fun is it to be able to see our friends from all over the world, 3 couples all spending their vacation in different spots but just to be together 1 day, we fly and meet in Chicago of all places! Fun, Fun, Fun!!

It is amazing how many friends we have seen on this vacation!! That is totally cool!!

We even saw Marilyn, did you know there was such cool and big statue of her here in Chicago? I didn't. Totally loved it!

The view downtown from the Hancock building.

Here the girls are climbing off the railing on the Hancock building... make believe, they had so much fun!

My dear dear friends Tehmina and Candice, and Zoha. So much fun to see them!!

Bruno, Leo, Khizer, Zoha, Juliet & Jasmine... a bit awkward pose for the camera, but we love them to pieces!!

Great but short time together, would not have missed it for anything in the world!!
Love you all!!

Mireille xx


Maci Miller said...

How nice! What a great get together with good friends! The smiles on your faces say it all!

Lillemors Buchladen said...
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plantagenet said...

Did you have an opportunity to go with the old tram/street car through the city? I did like that very much!!! They also have a very interesting womens/womens art museum there. People were nice and even very good restaurants were to be found!!!


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