Friday, December 3, 2010

Parade of Nations at AISJ ~ part 2

Since I have so many great pictures of the Parade of Nations at our school here in Johannesburg, I wanted to show you a few more of these beautiful children, wearing proudly their national dress!

Here Juliet & Jasmine the day before the parade, I had to see if the outfits fitted well, otherwise we needed to make some adjustments, but they just looked so adorable and pretty in these gorgeous costumes!
Like little Thai princesses!

It was a hot and sunny day, so the gold in their crowns & jewelry shimmered well. Jasmine in red, Juliet in green.

My little friends Vincent and Sofie in Argentinian outfits.

Beautiful Paula from Columbia.

Adorable Judy from Egypt.

Cutie pie Rina from Japan.

Other gorgeous children in their national dress.

Fleur & Ricardo from the Netherlands! Hup Holland Hup!!

Children from India and Africa side by side!

My little friends Tosin & Tobi from Nigeria.

A gorgeous little girl from Poland, we saw her in my last post as well :-)

And from Thailand are these gorgeous faces: Jen Su with her sons Michael & Sam and my sweetie pies Jasmine & Juliet.

My little friends from Brazil; Rafael & Fernanda.

Some of the kids watching the parade, with the gorgeous grounds in the back.

Here my friends; Lidia from Nigeria, Tehmina from Pakistan, Dunke from Nigeria with Jezz & JJ. We will miss you Lidia, who is back in Nigeria now ;-(

And last but not least: JJ and Jezz with their good friend Elle from the USA.

Aren't these just gorgeous faces from all over the world!!

I just LOVE the Parade of Nations, it is such a great event for everybody.
Really proud of being part of this AISJ community here in Johannesburg!

Have a great weekend y'all!


Leah and Maya said...

That really is fantastic!
YOur girls look stunning!

Tessie of Germany said...

It looks like so much fun!

Mireille said...

It was indeed a lot of fun Tessie! Such a proud moment to see the kids walk in their national dress!

Maci Miller said...

OMG, just GORGEOUS! The girls look stunning in their Thai outfits and it's so nice to see all the beautiful children in their traditional garb. What a nice event!!!


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