Thursday, March 3, 2011

What makes you think?

These are little snippets of life that make you think about your own....

Found on a website: Makes Me Think, so nothing of these below are the ones that I came up with, but made me think... I hope it will makes you think as well. Tell me how you think about it, I like to hear....

Today, I watched three young children meet for the first time on a playground in a local park. They all immediately acted like best friends, playing and laughing hysterically. They made me smile, and then I began to wonder why adults lack the ability to accept each other so easily.

Today, my ex-wife is undergoing surgery to donate one of her kidneys to save my wife’s life.

Today, I tested a theory that didn't work, which led me to different theory that didn't work, which spawned a totally new idea that seems to work really well. Although it doesn't solve the original problem, all of my business partners agree that this idea has earth-shattering potential.

Today, I met a cute white guy at a local bar. In conversation he mentioned that he supports same sex marriages. I politely asked him if he was gay. He chuckled and said, "My mom supported the Civil Rights Movement. Do I look black to you?"

Today, my wife is self-conscious because she's a bit overweight after bearing our two children. But I still can't stop myself from tearing her clothes off.

Today, my daughter confronted me with the fact that my biggest fear, a fear that has held me back from many life experiences, has never come true. I am 76 years old.

Today, I was cleaning the kitchen with my husband in our brand new house. We were joking around and having a great time. It suddenly dawned on me that if two years ago someone had told me my life would end up like this, dealing with those bullies in high school would have been a lot easier.

Today, I won the $500 grand prize in my high school’s annual writing contest for a short story I wrote out of boredom while I was waiting in detention for skipping my sophomore English class.

Today, I went and visited my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother used to talk down on Hispanic women saying a lot of negative things about them. Now, as she is unable to speak and bound to a wheelchair due to a stroke, a wonderful Hispanic women stays by her side 24/7 to take care of her.

Today, while swimming laps at the pool, I was frustrated to be stuck in a lane with a man who could barely swim. He was soooo darn slow. The whole time I wanted to yell at him for ruining my workout. But after he got out of the pool, I realized he was bound to a wheelchair. I felt horrible.

Today, he ran 3 consecutive red lights and didn’t stop when I put on my patrol car’s lights. I followed him all the way across town to the hospital with the intention of arresting him. He stopped and ran inside, ignoring my calls to surrender. I ran after him, into the emergency room, where his 4-year-old son was bleeding to death after being hit by a car. I said a prayer and walked away.

Today, a complete stranger outside a local coffee shop was holding a sign that said, "Free Hugs." I hesitated at first, but then I decided to give her a hug. Truthfully, it felt great!

So, after reading these, can you think of any special or profound moment in your life? Can you remember a moment that has changed you, your thinking, your behavior? I bet there are moments, think about it and SHARE!!

I will share a moment in MY life: Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.

I will never forget this moment when we were adopting JJ & Jezz. Nobody around us thought we would and could adopt the girls. Since there was NO private adoption law in Thailand. "Since how can you just get 2 children from a birth mother and think you can keep them?"
"Just play mother for a while but don't think you will be bringing them home to you in the USA" was what I heard all the time.
"Give them a good time now as long as you are here, but don't hope that you will take them with you outside of this country... it will not happen..". everybody told me.

There was only ONE other person who believed we could do it and that was.... DIRK! And now we are the parents of 2 beautiful girls, just because...

Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying..... we NEVER STOPPED!

A life changing moment which makes me think about the decisions we make each day, and if we would take another route our lives would have been so different today. Share THAT moment with me!! I am sure you will have a GOOD ONE!

Have a FABULOUS Day!


Wendy said...

All those remarks were great. My favorite was, "Today, I met a cute white guy at a local bar. In conversation he mentioned that he supports same sex marriages. I politely asked him if he was gay. He chuckled and said, "My mom supported the Civil Rights Movement. Do I look black to you?"

But your story was by far the best.

Anonymous said...

your adoption story is truly truly inspirational! your family is just beautiful!!!! thank you for sharing the story!


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