Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Noodles = Love

Jasmine and Juliet love noodles in all kind of form and shapes....

Noodle Soup = Vietnamese Pho with rice noodles

Bami = Fried Egg Noodles with veggies

Korean Jap Chae = potato noodles with beef and veggies

Pad Thai = Fried rice noodles with egg and tofu

Glass noodle salad with shrimp or mince

We eat all kind of noodles, and we LOVE it!!

Do you like noodles??
What is your favorite??

(I did this post because my friend Karen was saying that I don't take pictures of the girls so much these days.... so Karen, this one is for you ;-) wink wink)

Ciao, Mireille


Maci Miller said...

same in our house. Rice and noodles go with everything! Lately, we are loving big fat egg noodles and I even found some mushroom noodles that were really good in both soups and casseroles.

Bing said...

The girls are so pretty! I know Jasmine is in the top picture and Juliets in the bottom one. So glad the girls taught me how to tell them apart! Heehee.... Keep shooting!

Wendy said...

Love noodles here! All kinds. But my favorite is glass noodles (we call them cellphane noodles). They're big in Filipino cuisine as well as Thai.


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