Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ Nan Hua Temple ~

Saturday the girls had Dutch Camp with their Dutch school (they go once a week, after school to Dutch school) and now they went to an Agriculture museum to have a sleep over with all the other Dutch kids. Close by is a Buddhist temple we wanted to visit for so long now, so Dirk and I stopped by on the way back home.

Nan Hua Temple (南華寺, Nanhua Si) situated in the beautiful area of Bronkhorstspruit, here in South Africa, it is the largest Buddhist temple and seminary in Africa. It serves as the headquarters in Africa for the largest monastery in Taiwan. It is absolutely gorgeous! Although it was weekend you would expect lots of people, but besides me and Dirk there were 3 other people roaming the grounds.... it was completely empty. And the temple is huge!! I wonder if it is busy on a Sunday? Maybe because it was so so hot, and people are just hanging around their pools instead of visiting temples with NO shade at all....

Besides promoting Buddhism throughout Africa and novices take a 3 year course to become a monk, they also give meditation retreats that takes 1,5 days, this is what their website writes about it:

Beginner's Meditation Retreat
Our flagship's beginner meditation retreat is for people who wish to learn to meditate. No previous experience is required. Meditation can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or religious belief, and who is preferably in good mental and physical health.
We will show you correct meditation postures, do Tai Chi and simple yoga (which aids in sitting meditation). If you wish to learn how to tame your mind, then this retreat will help you.
Learn basic Ch'an (Zen) meditation, and relaxation exercises. Walking, sitting, and standing meditation, as well as a tea-drinking meditation. Sitting sessions last between 15 - 20 minutes. We recommend sitting with unsupported backs, so a healthy back is advisable.
The retreat begins on Saturday morning and continues through to lunch-time on Sunday. You may stay on for a Temple tour after lunch if you wish.

And then there is a more advanced one, looks quite interesting these retreats... maybe when I have 2 days open this year I might go and try the beginners, you want to come over and join me??

Intermediate Meditation Retreat
The intermediate retreat is a powerful opportunity for meditators who are ready for further guidance and inspiration to expand and deepen their practice.
Anyone who has attended at least three beginner's meditation retreats and is able to sit for at least 30 mins per session may attend. Learn techniques designed to refine the senses of perception, which results in both deeper and more subtle experiences of meditation.
A wonderful opportunity to experience your own inner being, while sharing in the support of others. Mindfulness will be a focus throughout, with alternating periods of sitting and walking practice. Noble silence is observed throughout, with instructions and guidance for meditators. Optional group meetings or private interviews with the teachers are available.
For enquiries and bookings e-mail: info@nanhua.co.za or Phone 013 931 0009

I would love to do a meditation course... is always good for your mind & body and since I have the girls I haven't really done anything like this for myself. I used to meditate before the girls... but not since then, so it is time to get back into this!

How about you? Do you meditate, or something else that is good for the body & mind? Tell me about it!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Wendy said...

Wow! This is stunning!

I do yoga and I also take a meditation class once a week. I also do a class called Nia, which is very centering in nature. It combines martial arts, native dances, creative movement.

Mireille said...

You are very active Wendy! I have never heard of Nia, sounds very interesting!

Teri D. said...

hello Mireille,
I started to take a meditation "class" 2 years ago. It helped a great deal, whereas 10 years of reading about it, listening to CD didn't do much for me.
I try very hard to incorporate the practice in my life and slip up often. I have meditation and buddhist philosophy books on my nightstand and am just at the very beginning of this new path I am taking. What I am learning feels so "true"- such a contrast to what i grew up with.
Will you be taking the mediation class?


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