Monday, March 28, 2011

To the market of Bhaji Galli (part 1) ~ भाजी गल्ली

For me markets in countries abroad are HEAVEN! I just love love markets!! The vibrant colors of all the fruit and veggies stalled out, the spices, but also the fabrics and other paraphernalia that is stalled out everywhere just fascinates me. But not only that it is also the people who visits and work at the markets. Wonderful combination of faces, clothing, behavior... I could just sit on the side and watch this life going by and clicking away with my camera.

But I didn't do that on this trip! I had planned to book a tour with Masala Trails who would take you to a fruit and veggie market called: Bhaji Galli on Grant Road that started in 1930 and grew bigger ever since. They would guide you around and you would learn all about the different spices and herbs that is used in Indian cooking with a lunch later to learn more about certain street foods. But of course my friend Charu said that is exactly the market SHE goes to for her fresh fruit and veggies every week, so we did this tour on our own!

The girls weren't too happy with this outing, because what fun is it for an 8-year old to go to a market in this heat and because of me taking to many pictures it took even longer than normal.... poor girls!! But we bought them some henna stickers for their hands... which made them happy :-)

About 300 vendors are here, some just one person who sells fresh but small quantities of pumpkins, village grown aubergines, flowers, lemons, snake gourd, lemongrass, ‘alu’or colacasia leaves, bitter gourd, kelful or banana flower. But also more continental vegetables like basil, thyme, celery, parsley, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, bell peppers, pak choy, avocados, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, leek and mushrooms.

This lady is just selling seeds and sprouts... not too happy that I am taking a picture, or maybe this is her daily look ;-)

I was wondering if these guys are competitors or just one shop divided in 2 halves?? They seem to be at peace with each other!

Everything looks so green and fresh!

Remember I told you about the religion of Jain? Well these folks don't eat root veggies, garlic and onions, so these are all sold at separate stalls, to not offend these people. How considerate!

Love this older lady in her colorful sari!

Not only fruit and veggies are sold here, also kitchen supplies, fabrics and all kinds of stuff...

More to come of this wonderful market...

So tell me, do you like markets, or do you rather avoid these busy and sometimes smelly places when you travel abroad?

Have a Magnificent Monday!
Mireille xx


sucharu said...

Went there today as well .... was thinking about you!

Luciana e Bruno said...

Beautiful pictures, congratulations on the blog.
you know the Amazon in Brazil.
here are some photos from my blog to beaches and restaurants in the forest:

Maci Miller said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to go there someday. I love the shot of the girls in their pretty cotton dresses. How did they like India? I also love those beautiful tapestries hanging up behind them. I bet there a so many beautiful things to see and find there.

Mireille said...

Yes Jen, so many wonderful sights to see, to shop for, very interesting.... The girls were OK, but didn't really love it as much as I did... which I can understand. Beach or Disney is more fun than to walk around a busy, hectic city!


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