Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ Simple, Chic & Cheap ~

As you might know by now I like to browse the web and find things that are unique, groovy, sassy, swanky, hip, bright, bold & funky that gives you the wiggles & giggles!

From there to here, from here to there, Funky things are everywhere!

Well.... Gary Pepper Vintage is a brand that fits the bill! Unique & quirky with an eclectic sense of style. The creator and brainchild of this website is Australia's Nicole Warne, who is only 22 years old and lives in Sydney. She is one of the top bloggers of the moment and still so new to the scene. She is also the one who you see in all the pictures on her website and blog and has an half-Japanese and half-Korean background. Trendier is NOT possible I guess!! This combination alone of these 2 nationalities made me go and check her out, because we all know that the Japanese and Koreans are the fashionistas of the world!

Well, this cute fashionista who travels the world in style to find unique vintage pieces to sell on her website and blog has an equally trendy and talented boyfriend named Luke who takes all these wonderful photographs of her in these hip clothing she then sells online.... WHAT A LIFE!!

Look at these shoes, aren't they the hippest and coolest you have ever seen?! LOVE, LOVE them!

I think she found a great niche and this will be a blooming business I can tell, wish her all the luck in the world! I LOVE vintage and I know for sure that there are lots and lots of people out there that also LOVE vintage, so I am sure she will do well!! She has a great idea and turned it into a beautiful designed website and blog.

Go and check her out, you will fall in LOVE too! See on all these links here with different interviews for some Q&A with her and some other links about her and GPV. If you like to buy her unique pieces, this is only possible via her Ebay store for now, but she is working to change that soon! You can even become friends with her on Facebook. How cool is that?!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Leah and Maya said...

I think I'm too boring to appreciate fashion the way other people see it. How cool though to be 22 and have accomplished so much.

Mireille said...

Yes, I find that too Leah. She is such a young person and already knows so well what she wants... it's great to see! I love fashion, but now I channel it more through my daughters than buying for myself...

Maci Miller said...

boy, you've been a busy blogger! Can't believe how many posts I've missed! Crazy for those shoes in the last few pics. WIll have to come back here and look at this one later cause I gotta get up and get moving now. Going to DC for the weekend.

Maci Miller said...

ok I had to look now! LOL, it's fashion and I can't resist! LOVE this designer. Would wear most of this stuff if I had somewhere to wear those fabulous shoes! I wouldn't wear the plaid blazer - NOT me, or the skimpy black dress cause, let's face it, I'm not 25, but I love the yellow dress and the orangy one and the 2 navy ones. Gorgeous!


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